Bad runs…

I had another failed run on Wednesday.  I’m tired of having these runs!  Maybe it was the weather, who knows?  I met the group at our regular place and time, and Kathy, who is just getting back to running after a foot surgery, decided to run with me — she used to be twice as fast as I am!

I was feeling GOOD.  She, not so much.  After 20 minutes in, she finally decided to walk, telling me she’ll run again when I pass her on my way back.  I didn’t want to be walking by myself either, so I slowed down a lot  during the time I ran alone.  I was doing good, feeling fine.  Finally, with 20 minutes to go, I passed her and we ran the rest of the way back.  Except, well, I was just DONE.  I couldn’t quite explain it.  My body didn’t hurt, I wasn’t particularly tired, I just didn’t feel like running anymore, so then I asked that we walk.  So we walked most of those 20 minutes, finishing 5.11 miles in one hour.

I really don’t know why I lost my will to continue running.  Maybe I was drained and should have snacked on something before the run?  Or maybe it was just hotter than I thought?  The weather was in the upper 80’s but we had an incoming storm, so it was muggy.  And though I didn’t feel the heat bothering me, when I got home and saw myself in the mirror, I realized that my hair was dripping wet (literally, it was gross), and my light blue shirt was soaked, except for one tiny spot around the back bra strap (that’s the only reason I even noticed my shirt was that was wet — because it was a different color on the dry spot).

I decided to skip my run home yesterday, since maybe my body just needs a bit of rest.  I don’t want to jump into running four times a week, when I haven’t run that often since last month — no need to have injuries now.

Tomorrow, I’m supposed to be out running by 7am (WTF), and have 9 miles planned for the day…  Erin will be running with me and I haven’t run with her in ages.  Gosh, I think the last time was during the snow storm?  Even then, it was only for the first mile, as I dropped my pace so I would stop slipping and sliding.

This weekend?  Will be super busy.  I have to get my place in order for my World Cup viewing shindig on Sunday, and most importantly for Karl’s dad who will be arriving in town Sunday afternoon.  I have only met him once before, so needless to say, I’m a bit uneasy having a guest so important at home for the next week.  I guess no prancing around in my underwear for a while.


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3 responses to “Bad runs…

  1. I think we all have runs where we just have to quit. And it is because our bodies need rest! I hope you feel better for your 7-miler!

    And good luck with your house guest!

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