Garmin: Big FAIL

Remember when I posted how my Garmin registered longer mileage than usual on my run home?  I finally put it into Garmin Connect to try to understand why.  And this is TOTALLY weird!

So this is my usual run home…  Pretty straight forward, right?  I run down 19th st, and though I’m not really running around on the street, but on sidewalks instead, I forgive the Garmin for not knowing that.  I always go down the same route for 2 reasons:  I like having something concrete to compare my runs against, and I found out the hard way that not all streets leading up to Constitution Av have a crossing light.

Now this is what it THINKS I ran last Monday.  WTF?  Those gray boxes I’m running zigzag on?  Those are buildings, people, not parks.  This is downtown DC, after all.  My Garmin thinks I can cross walls.  No wonder it registered an extra 0.12 miles!

The only explanation?  My Garmin thinks I’m a drunk.

Has anyone ever had this happen to them before?  What kind of wonky satellite signal was it picking up??


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14 responses to “Garmin: Big FAIL

  1. Hahaha! No solutions, but that second map made me laugh 🙂 Good luck, I hope you can get it resolved!

  2. My Garmin has me zigzagging too sometimes, but never quite that bad. Maybe it has a hard time maintaining a satellite connection with all the tall buildings?

    • I hadn’t had issues before… DC buildings are actually fairly short (maximum of 12 or 13 floors) since nothing can be taller than the Capitol.

      I just hate that it assumed I went crazy zigzagging across building walls!

  3. Whoa… definitely never had that one happen! How weird. Let us know what you find out!

  4. Naomi

    *smile* Your Garmin just thinks you’re Super Woman! .. Well, either that or you were chasing the heck out of a bunny. 😀


  5. HA! Your Garmin thinks you’re a drunk! LOL.

    I have no help, but your post made me laugh. I’m sure that’s the whole reason you wrote it though, right? 🙂

    • Glad to know my funny self finally came across in my writing — I usually sound totally boring when I write, I hate it!

      The post was a combo of frustration (WTF, Garmin!) and a joke, because seriously, what the hell did it think I was doing to give me the zigzag runs like that?

  6. I have only had that happen when I was walking in Chicago. I think it happened because I was turning it off and on a lot and because the tall buildings make it harder to get a signal.

    Are you sure that isn’t really the route you took? LOL!

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