Wedding Talk: I broke my ring!

Today, I’m ringless.  It feels weird, having sported my engagement ring for the last 4 months, I now have naked hands.

My office has a few standard water fountains, but we also have a few that are built into the walls for filling up water bottles.  I use that type about two to three times daily.  It’s all metal, and a thin metal frame around it.  More than once, as I pull my hand out, the prongs of my engagement ring has gotten caught on the stupid metal frame.

Friday, it happened again, this time much worse than before, as it actually hurt my finger, and it left a red line where the ring is.  I made a note to myself to be more careful, and maybe move the diamond inside the hand when I’m filling out the bottle.

Saturday, I was telling the story to Karl, and I noticed that there was a scratch on the prong “Oh, no!  I scratched my ring!  Good thing is platinum, not gold, otherwise I might have ripped the whole prong off!  At least the diamond is still firm in place”  And as soon as I said that, I touched the diamond and it spun.  I stopped.  I touched it again, and it spun again.  Not a full 360, but you could definitely move it from side to side.

After a bit of a freak out, Karl making me take the ring off right away and give it to him, and contacting the company, my ring is now on its way back to the manufacturer.  I doubt it’ll be covered by normal wear & tear warranty since the whole thing was my fault, but one can hope.  They’re either fixing it, or making us a whole new setting, so we have no idea on the time frame.

I wanted to wear my wedding band instead, but posting that idea on Facebook brought a collective “no, don’t do that!” from my married friends.  They might know something I don’t.

Until I get the ring back, all I have left with is my pictures…


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4 responses to “Wedding Talk: I broke my ring!

  1. Oh noooo! I hope it comes back quickly!!!

    I wouldn’t have worn my wedding band only out of superstition. I’m not a superstitious person at all, but I still wouldn’t have wanted to ‘jinx’ anything. Lame, I know. 🙂

    • Is there superstition regarding wedding bands? I didn’t know! In Brazil your engagement ring is your wedding band, but worn on the right hand (then when you’re married, you move it to the left hand). I told Karl thankyouverymuch but I wanted to follow US traditions on that one and get a diamond 🙂

  2. When I lived in Rome in 2006 I came back to the states for a week and got my ring checked and my diamond was also loose! I didn’t even know! I am happy you are getting yours fixed!

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