Chicago Training – Week 2

After two really bad runs this week, I was not looking forward to my 9 mile training run.  I had no clue if I’d be able to keep up and not give up and walk, as I’ve been struggling with the heat.

Erin wanted us to run super-early (7am!  On a Saturday!) but since I KNOW I can’t run that long by myself without hearing my mind telling me “you’re tired, you should walk” I decided to suck it up, put the alarm on, and met up with Erin and a few others from the running group for our 9 mile run.  Ashley is quasi-training for a marathon (she hasn’t signed up for one, but wants to see if she could handle the training), and she joined us for the run too (she is usually MUCH faster than any of us).

It was great to have Ashley there, I find that in long runs like this three people are always better than two (as long as you’re all keeping up with each other, that is).  One of you is bound to hit a hard spot and get quiet, and the other two can keep up with the conversation, distracting the person that has hit their wall.

The run in itself was surprisingly great, and I had to grudgingly admit that there are benefits for waking up so freaking early on a weekend:  the weather wasn’t yet steaming hot, and by the time I was done with the run, I still had the whole day ahead of me!

We ran 9 miles going south on the Mt. Vernon trail, which is my usual Wednesday route, but since it was a longer run, we made it as far out as Old Town Alexandria.  It was a pretty day, and way too early for the crowds.  I really enjoyed the run, and finished it knowing I could have gone longer at that pace — now that is the way long runs should feel like.  Big props for Erin for setting the pace and not letting me overtire myself.

We ended the 9 mile run at an 11:38 pace.  Works for me!

Of course, I was soaking wet with sweat when I got home, but too bad our pool wasn’t opened yet.  I hope that now that cleaning our place is out of the way, I can enjoy a few laps at our building’s pool…


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2 responses to “Chicago Training – Week 2

  1. What a great run! I like your theory about running in groups of three. That makes sense to me 🙂

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