Welcome to my abode!

I mentioned way back in December that Karl and I were moving to a new place.  When we first started living in sin, he moved in to my place, but a few months later I was ready to let go, and we started looking for a new place together.

After looking at a LOT of apartments, we finally settled for a huge 2 bedroom place.  We laugh now about it:  when we first visited the place, we were going “it’s too big!  We don’t have enough stuff to put here!”   Hahahaha.  Our stuff fit fine.  I cannot believe all that crap fit into a one bedroom apartment before!

So I painted the whole thing, except for the entrance to the place (I got tired of painting).  We slowly moved and then we freaked out that we were running out of time and we quickly moved the rest of the stuff in (returning a U-Haul truck at 6:30am on a Saturday night was not my idea of a “night out”).

I’m still not done putting pictures up — I have dozens of frames, literally, but after I lost my momentum I haven’t gotten back at it.  Of course, it doesn’t help that are walls are like concrete and I bent way too many nails trying to put things up…

But without further ado, I would like to share with you a little tour of our place…


A lot of my friends thought the blue would be too dark, but we love it!  It makes it so cozy, and even though it’s towards the dark end of the spectrum, it’s still a happy blue.

I have a HUGE poster from Rio that I’m supposed to hang on this wall behind the TV.  At this point, I’ll just wait until my parents arrive in town in a month, and get my dad to do it for me.  Ah, and meet Lucas at the doorway!


This is right in front of our door, you can see where we keep our keys and our medals!  I need to buy a new key holder so I can use exclusively for race medals 🙂

This is the part we call our “Guest Bedroom”  It’s an Ikea futon that we got so we could actually have visitors sleeping on something other than an air mattress…

This is the part we call our “office” (Karl’s is on the left, I’m on the right, though honestly I just usually use my laptop on the living room couch…)

And here is the section called “storage room” — yep, that’s a DVD holder.  I admit I had a thing for buying movies (and own over 500 of them…)  And you see one of the boxes with a few of the frames I have yet to put up…

My poor neglected bike, the red one, really needs to finally be taken out for a spin.  I used to bike to work every.single.day.  And now?  I haven’t biked since last summer!  Maybe once our out-of-town guest leaves I can go in the room and get the bike ready.  We have been getting some tough weather for running, but it’s great for biking!


I had a beach themed bathroom before at my old place and Karl hated it.  But he compromised and let me do it again 🙂  I didn’t go as far as painting stripes on the walls as I had before (he was pretty clear that he didn’t want that), but I love the blue we picked.  It might be a bit too much, specially since our bathroom is ridiculously tiny (two people cannot be in front of the sink at once…), and I even admit that it is totally corny, but the bathroom is the one place where you’re allowed to be corny, right?  You can see how hard it is to get a picture here, since it’s so small.  I need to use a wide lens in order to get a full view of the place…

We also keep the litter box here, and it took a bit of creativity to see one that would fit, but we would not trip all over it.  I highly recommend this one, and it totally helps with litter tracking too!


We have such a big apartment, but our bathroom and kitchen are both TINY, so we had to go to Ikea and get creative.  I even put those shelves up.  Have I mentioned I’m the one who’s comfortable with a power drill?   And I owned ten times more tools than Karl?  Blame that on years and years of living by myself and not wanting to wait around to get things DONE.  Karl didn’t even have one picture frame up on his apartment, he just wasn’t bothered enough to do it, hence never needed any tools…

What’s missing from these pictures is my fridge full of fruit magnets from Brazil.  I just now realized I never took a picture of the fridge!  Likely because our kitchen is so small, there’s no good angle to get the shot from!


We have this chair and ottoman right on the corner next to the kitchen entrance (I know they don’t match, but Karl came with the chair, I came with the ottoman and they just have to do).  Now we added a light behind the chair so it’s our “reading nook.”

Then passing the kitchen, you can see the rest of the living room.  I also have three open back bookcases lining up that red wall but just like the fridge, I totally forgot to take pictures of them…


I LOVE our dining room!  The dining table/chairs is one of the few things we bought together after we moved in.  The rest, is a mishmash of what each of us owned.  We kept Karl’s couch, coffee table and TV, but my bedroom set, we kept my bookcases, but bought the office bookshelves/desk together, and so on.

He didn’t have a dining set when he met me, and I had one that was light wood, that I had for over 10 years that my parents had given me.  It was a nice set, but I no longer liked the light wood stuff.  So we sold that on Craigslist, and got this pub-height one.  The table extends, and our place is so big we just keep it open all the time, but at my old place we left it as a rectangle instead of a big square table.  I love how versatile it is.

That poster is a collage I did with a bunch of my pictures from Rio.  All the pictures I have on our place, I’m the one who has taken it.  One day I’ll take a photography class and learn how to use a fancy camera…  So far I just use my fancy camera on auto mode…

Those milk jugs?  My mom painted them!  Imagine carrying them in a suitcase from Brazil to the US?  Yep, I did it!

And that’s it!  Anyone else wants to share a tour of their place too?


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15 responses to “Welcome to my abode!

  1. imgonnabreakyourheart

    It’s beautiful! I love your color schemes!

  2. Thanks for sharing! I am now searching for inspiration, as hubs and I are buying our first home. Which, probably isn’t that much bigger than your apartment! Hubs really wants to go with dark paint, so seeing your two bedrooms painted a darker shade is nice. We are both inept at decorating, so we soaking in all the inspiration we can get. Hubs’ idea is to pick a color and paint the whole place the same color. I really love the colors you picked out.

    • Our apartment is actually pretty big, specially for an apartment.

      I like having different colors throughout, to give a bit of an identity to the different rooms… So try to convince your hubby to be a bit creative with the colors!

      • Would you share what colors you used? It’s so hard to tell what things will look like by looking at paint squares. I love the look of your bedroom colors, but it’s hard to tell from the dozens of paint squares I picked up this weekend what color would even come close to the colors of your rooms. Also, in the bedrooms did you paint all of the walls the darker colors? Does it make the room feel smaller, as I’ve been told it can? I keep hearing the term accent wall, but as I mentioned, we are inept at decorating, so I feel at a loss for how to make it work.

  3. I love it! Everything is so bright and fun, and it’s gorgeous! 🙂

  4. Diana, apparently wordpress doesn’t let me reply yet again to the same thread — so I just sent you an email with the info!

  5. I love seeing your place! Thanks for sharing. I cannot believe you brought those milk jugs all the way here. Wow!

    Hi Lucas!!!

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