Marathon Training + Vacation?

Marathon Training + Vacation = LOTS of running…  It goes against reasoning, I know.

This Thursday, super early in the morning, Karl and I fly out to Punta Cana for a little mini-vacation.  We get back in town Monday night.

This Saturday, I was scheduled to run 11 miles.  From the looks of it, there isn’t really a place I can go out for a run in Punta Cana, unless I want to hit the beach or treadmill.  Uh, 11 miles on sand?  HAHAHAHA.  On the treadmill?  HAHAHAHA.

So yeah.  Not happening.

But I don’t want to skip this long run, specially since the long run last Saturday was one of the drop down weeks, where we only had to do 6 miles, so it wasn’t really a long run.

So my plan for this week?  (Sure you can laugh, it’s not like I can hear you…)

Run home today = 3 miles

Run to work tomorrow = 4 miles

Run super-freakishly-early on Wednesday = 11 miles

Run with the group Wednesday night = 5 miles

Yep.  I really am planning on running 23 miles in 3 days.  And nope, I have no clue if I’ll succeed.  I’m predicting quite a few walking breaks in between…  It’s not like today there isn’t a severe hot weather alert or anything…  Well, at least today is only 3 miles, right?

At least on Wednesday it’s supposed to be MUCH cooler, with a high of 80.  That 20 degree difference should help, no?

Then I can bum all weekend at the beach guilt-free, at an all-inclusive resort, where my biggest worry will be “should I reapply the sunscreen?”

Fingers crossed I get all running done…


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8 responses to “Marathon Training + Vacation?

  1. I’m going on vacation as well and trying to cram five workouts into the next 3.5 days so that I can guilt-free sit at the pool!! Good luck to you!! Keep us posted on how it goes!

  2. I am cheering you on!!! Keep us posted!

  3. You are a better woman than I am. I couldn’t do it. I’m melting as it is and I’m inside!!!

  4. Yeah, 11 miles on sand would not be fun at all. Good luck this week!

    And BTW, Navy Steve let me know that you were right about how to ride and stop on the bike. He was just showing me a “newbie way” to get started. I’ll learn the proper way this week. Wish me luck! Yikes! LOL!

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