Run home!

Yesterday we had a hot weather alert, but I didn’t let that stop me, I loaded up my camelback and off I went.

I didn’t really feel the heat until about a mile and a half in.  Until then, I would have a shady spot here and there, but once there was no shade left for the remaining of my route, it got to me.  I didn’t give up, told myself to slow down and kept running through it.  I still had enough left to sprint on the last tenth of a mile.

I finished the run in a little over 30 minutes, with slightly less than a 10 min/mile pace.  My first mile was MUCH faster than my last two, as they were hovering around the 10:30 pace.

Anyway, I walked a bit around the parking lot to cool myself down and stopped in front of Karl’s car.  All of a sudden, I got dizzy and felt like I was about to pass out.  I had to sit on the ground to wait until my head was back to normal.  I felt horrible.

Too much heat, I guess?

This morning, I was supposed to run to work, but my legs were TIRED (from only running 3 miles, I know, I suck).  I decided that the 11 miles tomorrow morning were a lot more important than the 4 miles today — and it makes no sense to tire myself out.  Missing a 4 mile run is not a big deal, missing an 11 mile run it is.

Karl was going to run with me, but his foot is bugging him again.  I mapped a loooong route to work (taking Mt. Vernon Trail, 14th Street Bridge, doing a loop around Hains Point then off to the office), and I will at least try to do that.  I know that running on my own will mean I’ll get bored and start walking, but let’s see how it goes — update tomorrow!  I’ll have to leave home butt early to make sure I get to work on time to shower even if I do end up walking some.  Ugh.

The day after tomorrow?  We get to Punta Cana.  That thought keeps me going.


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2 responses to “Run home!

  1. i think it’s good you listened to your body today and took the day off. 11 miles will be a big one tomorrow! im going after it on saturday… and nervous for it a bit- it will be the longest since memorial day ive done!

    have a great vacation!

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