I did it!

I woke up this morning butt-early and Karl and I headed out of the door for a run.  He couldn’t run the whole thing (he’s slowly getting himself back into running after his foot injury), but he kept me company for the first 40 minutes and ran back home.

I already knew that once I was off on my own, I’d get bored and walk, but I was at least going to try to do the whole thing.

Surprisingly?  Not once did I feel like walking.  Not at all.  I had mapped an 11 mile run from home to work, forcing me to do a loop around Hains Point, but for some reason, it was shut down.  Both the road and the pedestrian path — you couldn’t even get around it, unless you jumped the fence.  WTF?

On a normal day, I might take this as a “sign” and cut my run short, but it didn’t ruin my mood, and I just went off to the tidal basin instead and was creative with my loops.

I took a bunch of pictures, and will try to get them up tonight before my trip.

Of course, the fact that this morning was 30 degrees cooler than it was two days ago on my last run was a huge factor.  For once I wasn’t dripping in sweat.  We got some spring weather here!  Sucks for the beach, great for running!

The most amazing thing about my run?  I was ENJOYING myself.  I know, seriously, the hell?!  I had one of those runs that other runners talk about on their blogs.  A nice relaxing run, that you really don’t want it to end because it just feels so good.

This was the longest run on my own, ever.  And I liked it!

Another 5 mile run tonight, and then I’m ready for Punta Cana!  Bringing my running clothes with me in case we get rained on and I get the urge to jump on the treadmill (I hope that’s my way of unjinxing any bad weather).


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5 responses to “OMG! OMG! OMG!

  1. Yay!! That is awesome!!

  2. you’re a rockstar! awesome job lady! and what a good feeling to set off on vacation after such a sweet run! and you’re doing another 5 tonight? you’re wild!

    (i quite enjoyed the cooler temps this morning too!)

  3. Yay! Good for you! Those runs are the best – you feel like you can just keep going and going. Hope the 5-miler tonight is fun!

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