And now I’m sore…

I am now writing this on Wednesday night, after having the longest running-day of my life.

Today, I ran 11 miles in the morning (and had a very dramatic post about it here…).  The morning run was so good (specially after I noticed that my FASTEST mile was my LAST mile, now that’s something, huh?), it kept me on a great mood all day (keep an eye out for a more detailed post with pictures tomorrow!  Yay for scheduling things ahead of time while I sun my buns in Punta Cana!).

Then I got home from work, changed, and off I went to meet my running group for a 5 mile run.  I had no clue if I could do it, and wasn’t even going to feel bad if I couldn’t.  Uh, hello-oh?  I had just run 11 miles that morning.

I hit my wall at mile 1.44.  Weak, I know.  I told myself I’d run until 1.5 and then walk a bit.  And somehow, in those 0.06 miles, the wall was gone.  I ran the whole thing, with a 11:03 average pace (pretty good considering in the morning I had run 11 miles with 11:29 pace — I got even faster later?).

I still had something left on me to pick up the pace at the last half mile.  At the end, I really could have gone longer if I needed to.  Ah, don’t you love those days?  The weather wasn’t the cool 70 degrees as it was in the morning, but at 84, it was still way cooler than it’s been for the last couple of weeks!

So I ran the longest I’ve ever run in one day:  16.3 miles.  I burned a total of 2,000 calories.  Damn, if I had it in me to run that much every day, I’d have no problems fitting into that wedding dress!  (By the way, if you think I seriously considered running 16 miles daily, you don’t know me at all…)

Week 4 of marathon training?  Complete.  And now that 20 miler training run looks a little less scary too.

81.84 total miles run in June.

298.14 total miles year-to-date.  (And yes, I did seriously consider going back out for a 2 mile run, just to round out that number to 300, damn it.)


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4 responses to “And now I’m sore…

  1. Ha! I totally would have gone out and run 1.96 miles to make it 300 miles! Wait. That would require me to run 300 miles. On second thought…

    You are a running rock star! 🙂

  2. Awesome! Congrats! Have a great vacation!

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