My 11 miler! With way too many pictures…

So turns out that running with a camera is so much fun!  On my run to work on Wednesday morning, I really appreciated the city that I usually take for granted (and bitch about a LOT).  It was a gorgeous day in DC, and the tourists were not out yet!   (Score!!!)

Karl and I made our way out the door before 6am.  We were not fully awake yet…  (Excuse the headphones, I was chatting during my run with Karl but didn’t want to mess with the wires, so just kept them in, even thought the music was off…)

The good thing about waking up so freaking early in the morning?  The sky looked gorgeous!

We ran in front of the Air Force Memorial (inevitable for any run I start from home).  It’s a totally weird memorial, but I am now used to it…

Then we finally made our way through the Mt. Vernon Trail, the trail I run (and bike!) in most often.  Karl turned around at this point, and ran back home.  I continued on, taking pictures of the Capitol from across the river…

And the of the Washington Monument…

I finally made my way to the bike path on the 14th Street Bridge.  Great views from here too…

It’s not a bad path, though you run right next to the cars heading to/from the highway.  But it’s pretty well fenced in, and aside from the cones that were out today (they are painting the handrail), it has plenty of room for people to pass each other.  (I really have to get a picture of the path at the Roosevelt Island.  A complete different story…)

Despite the noise from the cars, it’s worth it for the views, no?  You can see the Memorial Bridge and Rosslyn on the back.

Now this is where I got to my biggest disappointment of the run.  I was supposed to have a run like this, see that nice little loop around East Potomac Park and Hains Point?

It didn’t happen 😦  Apparently it’s closed because of the 4th of July fireworks?  I honestly don’t get what fireworks have to do with anything, seeing they’re not launched from here.  Even the pedestrian trail on the side had a gate closing it up.

So I continued on and made my way to the Tidal Basin instead — I had to be creative as Hains Point is a 3 mile loop, and the Tidal Basin is only 2 miles.  But it worked out perfectly — there were no tourists out yet, and I had the whole place to myself!  (I didn’t even know that the Jefferson Memorial is under renovation.)

Can you see the Air Force Memorial on the back?  Look how far I’ve come!

I’m 7 miles in and feeling great!

The Tidal Basin is where the DC cherry blossoms bloom at.  The last time I was here, we were taking our engagement pictures!

Running right by the Washington Monument, but my loop is not done yet…

Still on the Tidal Basin, the Washington Monument is a bit far again.

I really was just making stuff up by the end, running to things I had never been to before.  This was one of them.  No idea what this memorial is (didn’t stop to read the signs), but it doesn’t mean I didn’t take pictures of it!

I finally continued on, and was back again at the Washington Monument, which is now lined up with porta-potties, just in time for the 4th of July.  It would have been such a pretty picture…

The World War II Memorial is right across the street, and the last sightseeing part of my run!

All those fences you see up?  Showed up last week and should be gone in another week.  Every year is the same thing — to contain the 4th of July crowds.  It’s one of the reasons I choose to watch the fireworks from across the river instead.

The Lincoln Memorial

And this would not be complete without another bathroom picture, no?  This time much more flattering than before!  Plus, I’m not nearly as sweaty…


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6 responses to “My 11 miler! With way too many pictures…

  1. OMG seriously, awesome run!! Thanks for sharing pictures with us, the view is amazing!

  2. LOL! I love that you take a picture, and you make the same face (the pix with your hat on) and the background changes. We could make a great flip-book movie out of that!

  3. I love all the pics! I wish I could go back to DC and run with you again!

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