And I’m back!

After being a bum for 5 days in Punta Cana, and then coming back home and dealing with stomach issues (and I still put on 5 lbs, AFTER I spent all that time on the toilet?  Grrrr…) I’m back at work and running today!

Yesterday, I met a couple of other people from the group, but being 100 degrees out there, and having stomach problems just a few hours earlier, my 70-minute run became more of a one mile run + walk.  And I didn’t even feel guilty, at least I didn’t crap myself, right?

This morning I made up for it by running to work (the regular short way — just short of 4 miles), and I’m running back to Pentagon City after work (for another 3.1 — and my friend Lindsay might be joining me!  I haven’t really run much with her since we ran the Cherry Blossom!).  Saturday, I got the 12 miler on the schedule…  Scared of that one…

So how was Punta Cana?  FREAKING AWESOME!  I got a total of a one mile long run while there — seriously.  There was a trail around the resort exactly a mile long (thank god I didn’t wait to do my 11 miler over the weekend — imagine doing that loop 11 times??  I’d kill myself).  We took that trail once, just to say we did it…

We took Spirit Airlines for the first time, and even though we went in with very low expectations, they still managed to disappoint us.  I mean, there was graffiti on the seats.  How ghetto is that??  And I never seen an airline take so long to board people.

Once we got to Punta Cana though, the travel woes were worth it.  We stayed at the Majestic Colonial resort — highly recommend it.  The food was delicious, and the place was gorgeous!

This was our room:

(Yes, that’s a champagne bottle on the coffee table!)

(Yes, that’s a jacuzzi on the middle of the room)

This was the pool (the picture doesn’t do it any justice — it was huge, going from the start of the buildings all the way down to the beach):

This was under the pool:

This was the beach:

This is me after a few caipirinhas, making friends on the island:

And we stole bread from the restaurant (well, not really stealing, it was an all-inclusive place), and we fed the fish at the beach!  There were TONS of them — but turns out they blend in well with the water, so the pictures are not nearly as nice as I hoped.  They were so freaking cute though!

On Monday it was a bit scary — dozens of fish around us, then this 2′ long skinny gray ugly needlefish starts surrounding us, within seconds, all the fish were gone, guess the stupid ugly fish was hunting them…  Not sure if there were any casualties.  We waited until it disappeared, and 15 minutes later we started throwing bread back in the water and they were all back.

Now I’m back in DC.  No more beach on the schedule until we go down to VA Beach for the Rock n Roll Half on Labor Day.  That’s the same beach where last year the lifeguards were forbidding people to swim on water past knee-level.  Seriously.  I was PISSED.  What kind of stupid beach doesn’t let people go deeper than their knees???  That’s not even enough to refresh yourself!  There weren’t even any waves or current, they just didn’t want to deal with the crowds (and it was CROWDED, specially since everyone had to hang out on the same 20 ft of water).  Not looking forward to going back there this year…

Thankfully, I have Rio to look forward to in less than 5 months!!


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10 responses to “And I’m back!

  1. glad you had a great trip!
    don’t be nervous about the 12 miler! you kicked the 11 miler’s ass last week… you got this in the bag!

  2. Glad to have you back!

    Your vacation looks amazing!!! I’m super jealous.

    And no farther than knee deep? Lame.

  3. I love that pool!

    And what’s hilarious is that you and Karl managed to smile and pose underwater just like you were above water!!!!

  4. It makes total sense. There comes a point when you are just too old to make getting drunk your main motive. Socially drinking with friends? Sure! But intentionally getting completely hammered? Pretty lame. Like you, I’m cheap! I went to dinner with a few friends the other night, and they each had 2 glasses of wine at $6.00 a glass. $12.00 on just wine? I don’t judge them for it {seriously}, but me personally, I’m far too cheap for that. I also try not to drink my calories, but that’s just me. 🙂

  5. OMG I need to go there. Now.

    And how freaking brilliant to go on a vacation before the wedding and honeymoon. I totally could have used a wedding planning break to focus on why I was getting married–the awesome man who was putting up with my crazy ass!

    • Hahaha, exactly! We called it our “pre-honeymoon” At first we were just going to drive down to a beach, and then we realized that 4th of July weekend prices for a motel in Outerbanks, NC was MORE expensive than the rate for an all-inclusive resort in Punta Cana. Once you add gas, food costs, etc, for the Outerbanks, the Punta Cana trip didn’t come out to much more even with the flights. It was awesome!

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