Marathon Training Week 5

Last week my runs were interesting…  Thursday I ran to work, completing short of 4 miles, then ran back to Pentagon City after work with Lindsay (yay for the company!), with a little less than 7 miles done for the day.

The run with Lindsay?  It was hot, sweaty and we were both having such a hard time.  You’d think the company would have helped, but it seems that on that day it made no difference, we were both miserable.

Saturday, I was ready for my 12 miler with Margaret!  I hadn’t run with her in so long and was really looking forward to it!  I wake up super early, and to my surprise it was pouring rain outside (it hadn’t rained in a while around these parts…).  After a few texts and phone call, we decided to try it again on Sunday.  10 people of the group still came out and ran while it was pouring!

Sunday, again I woke up super early, and out we went for our run.  Hugi, who hadn’t run with me in ages, came out to run a bit with us too (she’s supposed to be training for the marine corps marathon, and her last run was with me a few weeks ago — oops!).  Hugi did great, and ran 8 miles — her longest run yet.  Margaret and I finished the whole 12 miler, but I was struggling.  It wasn’t as hot, but it was muggy, and I was just tired and sleep deprived.

After that?  My friend Nikki came over and we lounged most of the afternoon at the pool.  I approached a random neighbor who was doing laps to see if she wanted to do laps with me during the week (did I mention when I first moved to DC I was swimming laps 5 times a week?  And then I dropped it because of the time conflict with volleyball and haven’t swam since?).  All I need is someone to keep me accountable and meet up with me.  She was up for it, so tomorrow after work we’re meeting up at the pool!  I dug out my one piece, my goggles, my swim cap and modeled them for Karl (who said “I didn’t know your head was so pointy”  Pfft).

Tomorrow?  My plan is to run home from work, then swim a few laps.  I’m giddy with excitement.  I bet my conditioning sucks right now, but I could certainly also use the arm toning (after all, I have to fit into that dress soon…) and the cross training!


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2 responses to “Marathon Training Week 5

  1. I am going to go swim in the morning!! It is such an amazing workout!

    Great job on getting through the 12 miler!

    • I love it, but after I stopped swimming (I was way too obsessed with volleyball), it’s now SO hard to get back into it. But after swimming a couple of laps yesterday (in a completely inappropriate bathing suit — every time I did a flip turn I had to pull my bottom back up), I realized just how much I missed it.

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