Chicago Training Week 6

This week has been tough.  The weather hasn’t been nearly as hot as the past couple of weeks (mid-80’s versus the low-100’s we were getting), but the runs feel so hard (thanks to DC humidity!  It’s times like these you can tell DC was built on swamp).

Tuesday, I ran to Pentagon City from work (before my swim) and though I finished in great time for me (10 min/mile pace), the run felt way harder than it should have.  Here I thought that maybe I could beat my time at the Crystal City Twilighter 5k next week, but now I’m starting to think it won’t be that easy.  Or even feasible.  Specially after a 14 miler that morning.

Yesterday, I met up with the group for a 6 mile run.  It was hot, I shared my water with one of the new girls that was running with me, so neither of us had enough to drink.  I was feeling great for the first couple of miles, but then the run got tough — my stomach started hurting, and it was hard to concentrate.  I still kept up with the run, albeit slowly, mostly because I had company, but I admit if I was by myself I would have given up and walked.

I was really looking forward to running to work this morning — this has been one of my favorite runs so far, and I limited myself to once a week, so I can still have the run to work once a week as well.  But, as luck would have it, after the first mile I started feeling like crap.  Just completely exhausted…  It was just so hard.  And though I still ran for most of it, I walked more than I’d like to admit.

I’m not completely beating myself up for that — it’s been a long week, super busy at work (my coworker is on vacation) and to top it off I’m getting less than 6 hours of sleep.  I try to remind myself that any run, even a bad run, is better than nothing at all.  But on days like today it makes me wonder how did I ever even run a half-marathon non-stop?  Heck, I ran 12 miles straight through on Saturday!  And now I had to walk shortly after the first mile on a 4 mile run?

Why the hell do I even think I can run a FULL marathon?

Saturday we’re scheduled for 9 miles (yay for drop down weeks — but this will be my last single-digit long run until taper starts in 2.5 months, ack!).  I hope by then my body has recuperated a bit.

In much happier news, tonight I’m back at the pool!  My neighbor is supposed to meet me there, let’s see how that works.  I never have met anyone else at the pool before, and aside from when I used to be in actual training, my swims have always been pretty solitary.  Not sure if having company will be a good thing or a bad thing…


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5 responses to “Chicago Training Week 6

  1. Loved your comment on my training schedule post–it is so crazy how we all do the same thing/same races and go about it completely differently. Z ran a 1:40 half-marathon this past April on running once a week and doing crossfit the rest of the time. Ridiculous. I kind of hate him, haha! Especially after he told me he felt like he probably could have tried a little harder and maybe gone 5-10 min faster.

    But, you are right–we are all so different and it is so easy to get caught up in the comparisons. “She is running X amount of miles this week, I’m not so I must be a failure”, etc. In the end, it is all about what makes us tick 🙂

    Enjoy your swim tonight and your drop down week run on Sat.!

  2. if it makes you feel any better, i struggled with the heat during my 6 miler yesterday, even though i made it—- but today, i went out for my 3 miler, and turned around about oh… .2 of a mile? i was just… not feeling it. so i said fuck it. ill do 9 saturday and be back on track. im sick of being so damn hard on myself. like you, ive had a busy, stressful week physically, mentally, and emotionally. i needed a break today. i should have just banked in on the extra snooze time!

    • The extra snooze would be awesome! But then I feel guilty that I’m not following my training, and that it’s only getting worse from here!

      Will running every be easy? Seriously, short runs should be a breeze by now!

  3. I am questioning the marathon too, and also wondering how I ever ran a half straight though! But I think it’s just the humidity getting to us 😉

    • But last year it was also humid, no? I remember having a hard time around May when it first got warm, but by July I was completely used to it. This year? Not so much…

      Fingers crossed that marathon day the weather will be in the mid-50’s — that’s my ideal running temperature!

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