What the hell, DC humidity?!

Saturday was a bit cooler than usual, hovering on the high 80’s.  That should have made that 9 miler (my last long-run in the single digits until taper, ack!) a breeze no?

Uh, not so much.  Between my sleep deprivation (I really need to start getting my ass in bed earlier when I have these long runs) and the stupid DC humidity, I was struggling the whole time.  Sure, I got 9 miles done, but damn, were they slow and hard!

I was super excited that I would get to run with Erin and Margaret and catch up on girl talk.  Jennifer, who I had never met but had emailed through the group since we have a friend in common and we’re both super-ass-slow, came out for the first time.  She had 8 miles planned on her half-marathon training, but thank you god she completed the 9 miles with me.

Because Erin and Margaret?  Were going way too fast for me.  They were having one of those good days just flying by (or at least, if they were having a hard time, you couldn’t tell).  I was huffing and puffing and eventually gave up any attempts of keeping it up.  I was never that far behind them, eventually they did settle at the same pace we were at, so we never lost sight of them, but I just didn’t have it in me to try to catch up.

Luckily, Jennifer (or Jen?) was super nice, and we talked the whole time.  Since she had never run 9 miles before, our slow pace didn’t bother her.

I finished the Week 6 of Chicago training having completed 21.96 miles (not including the 12 miler on Sunday, since that was part of last week’s training).

The rest of the weekend was much better.  I decided to bum around at my pool and Lindsay and Margaret joined me for a bit.  After they left, I bumped into my Brazilian neighbor (who is moving next week…) and finished the rest of my pool time chatting with her.  I got home with just enough time to shower and head back out.

One of my old friends from volleyball, Sarah, was in town.  I hadn’t seen her in 3 years!  Last time I saw her, was on her med-school graduation party at her parents’ place in PA, right before she started her residency in Vermont.  She’s staying there for good now.

Turns out she was in town for a trivia championship at RiRa Pub.  Who even know such thing existed?  The best part?  Their trip was totally free!  Even better?  Her team won first place!!!  They got a free trip to Ireland!  How awesome is that?

It was good catching up with her, even though I was VERY sleepy I tried my best to be good company.  I left right before midnight, in hopes of getting some sleep before my 7am wake-up time for tubing.

Tubing was great though, I definitely need to post pictures of it!  But I’m now super tired.  Good thing that there’s no running on the calendar until tomorrow…


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4 responses to “What the hell, DC humidity?!

  1. This humidity is absolutely killing me! Seriously, it’s so gross and uncomfortable out that all my runs are struggles. I just want to have a good run for once!

  2. I always wonder what those trivia competitions are like because I hear people talking about them. So cool that your friend won a trip!

    I hear you on the run. I stuck with my friends for a bit on Saturday then had to fall back.

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