Tuesday Run + Swim!

Yesterday I ran the 3.1 miles from work to Pentagon City.  It took 15 minutes for my Garmin to get a signal!  WTF!  Then after waiting all that time I realized that it was stupid to wait, since 90% of the time when I do this run, my Garmin thinks I’m zigzagging across downtown DC…  I think from now on I’ll give up if it takes more than 5 minutes, then just adjust on Garmin connect…  So what if my unit will underestimate my mileage?  It’s not like I’m not keeping track of it in other places, and I run the exact same route each time, so I know what the mileage is.

Then I got home, rinsed off, and went out to the pool.  My goal was to complete at least 1km this time, since last Tuesday I swam 900m.  Turns out I wasn’t tired at all, and swam a mile non-stop.  A freaking mile!  Non-stop!  Though it’s not that much for most swimmers, it’s more than what I swam in the last 3 years combined.  Yikes.  By the end, my arm was starting to get sore (out of shape much?).  So then I put on my zoomers, and did a couple of laps of dolphin kicks and butterfly.  That caused my calves to tighten, and I knew it was time to stop…

So I ended the day with a 5k and an 1800m swim (1.11 mile).  Not too shabby!

Last week, I wasn’t sore after my swim, but I have a feeling that I’ll be sore tomorrow.  My calves are hurting right now, and my shoulders are tight.

But the swim?  Totally worth it!  I feel super tired, but awesome.  I won’t have time to get any more swimming done this week, but next week, I’m hoping to fit it in at least twice.  Probably short swims since my parents are in town, but it’s better than nothing…

And I need to get back to biking soon…  Maybe I can bike to/from work on Monday?  I definitely need the cross training, and my poor bike has been neglected for almost a year now.

One question:  what do people have against flip turns?  There are many swimmers at my pool, some are not even bad swimmers, but I have yet to see someone else doing flip turns.  That’s my favorite part of the swim!  (And yes, having a 25 meter pool, I’m really careful not to push off too strong, so I don’t lose the swimming benefits — I’m not there to be fast, I’m there to get the most exercise.)  Back when I used to swim at the gym, it was the same thing, no one else would do flip turns.  Anyone knows why?


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8 responses to “Tuesday Run + Swim!

  1. As someone who never learned to swim as a kid but who has taken YEARS of swimming lessons as an adult and can pass for a competent lap swimmer, I’ve never been taught a flipturn and am scared to try!

  2. How crazy!! I love flip-turns 🙂 It provides great anaerobic benefits and helps breath control. I think that’s important in swimming, running and any other activity!

    Good for you for getting some awesome mileage in!

  3. Rachel

    I love flip-turns too, but a lot of people never learned how to do them. That’s one of those things (speaking as a former swim instructor and coach) that you don’t really learn how to do unless you’re a really strong swimmer or competing. And the coordination of it isn’t that easy if you’ve never done it before — teaching it is really hard!

  4. Lungs

    I tried a flip turn. It ended badly. Now I stop and turn.

    I think one needs to be taught to flip turn – it’s certainly not intuitive.

    • Oh, you definitely need to be taught, that’s for sure! I was just wondering if it’s something that’s not taught here…

      I bet you can find youtube videos online if you’re willing to try again. It’s so much fun!

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