Wednesday Run: Fail…

Yesterday I was tired, but still met up with the group for a run.  The weather was super humid, in the 90’s.  I had all intentions of running my required 7 miles.  Not so much…  I was feeling heavy, my legs felt like lead, and I just wasn’t feeling it…  I guess the swimming the night before tired me out…

Hugi was running with me, but we both gave up at mile 2.  And walked the rest.  It was a great walk though, and we caught up on gossip!  Some days it really comes down to having a miserable run, or a pleasant walk.  And sometimes you just have to pick the pleasant walk instead…

This morning I was supposed to run to work, but made a conscious decision to skip it.  I have a 14 miler due on Saturday, which will be my longest run ever (I bet I’ll be laughing at this crap when I’m 16 weeks into marathon training, huh?).  I decided I needed the rest…  Having a failed 7 miler is not the end of the world, having a failed 14 miler could really throw off my training.

Plus, on Saturday night I’ll be running my first 5k of the season, so it’s not like I won’t get my mileage in this week.

Wish me luck for that 14 miler.  I have a feeling I’ll need it.  The forecast is for 100 degrees after all.  Ouch.  I think even the 7am run won’t save me from that heat…


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5 responses to “Wednesday Run: Fail…

  1. you did the right thing, sometimes you just have to listen to your body when it wants rest!

    good luck with your 14!! bring lots of fluids and start slow… you can do it!

    • Thanks for the vote of confidence!

      I’ve been so exhausted lately, that I figured taking a day of rest wouldn’t be the end of the world.

      Definitely bringing lots of fluids with me on Saturday. This summer is going to be a tough one…

  2. AllieCat

    How in the world can you run in the heat??? I’m in the Midwest and our humidity is insane – I tried to run 3 miles the other morning and about died! I couldn’t do it! lol! Like you , my legs were lead! I got back to the car and then got dizzy!! Kinda scary! I was hydrated too!! Of course, I used the heat as an excuse and didn’t run at all the week before!! (I’m a newbie runner obvi!) Gonna give it a go tonight at about 11pm. I work evening shift so can’t get up at 5am to run like ‘normal’ people!!! Then, I only get to run at night when my friend can run with me for safety….I need to figure something out! lol!!! I just wanted to say I love your blog!!!! And I have taken to heart what you told me the other day in your comments to just suck it up and do it! lol!! thanks!!! 🙂

    • It’s lack of choice, really! I signed up for the marathon without realizing it would be our hottest summer!

      Use a hat or a visor (one with dry-fit material, not cotton), it’s amazing how much it helps! Not only they pull out the sweat before it drips down your eyes, but it also creates a shade on your face, which makes you feel cooler.

      • AllieCat

        You know, sometimes easiest solutions are the hardest to come by! LOL!!! I totally didn’t think about hats being made out of dry-fit! LOL!! I never wore hats or visors because I get soooo hot!!! Duh! Dry-fit!!! I am such a noob!!! See why I like your blog!! 🙂 good luck this weekend!!!

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