Uh, yeah, and then this happened…

What happens when you try to run 14 miles in the morning, on the hottest day of the year, then follow it with a 5k later that night?

You end up getting pictures of you like this…

(Obviously, I have no shame…  And my guess is I’m a good candidate for botox…)

Full recap of my 14 miler and a race recap of the Crystal City Twilighter 5k to come this week.  Right now I need some sleep, as I’ve been awake for the last 20 hours.  (Stupid heat forcing me to wake up at 5am for these runs.  Seriously.)


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9 responses to “Uh, yeah, and then this happened…

  1. But you made it through! Yay!

    • I did, but barely! Surprisingly, I was feeling much better during the 5k than I was anytime during the 14 miler — even though it was much hotter then. Go figure.

      Ok, I really should get some sleep now… Officially up for 21 hours, yikes.

  2. That picture is adorable. You look like you are having a blast! Hopefully we can meet up in DC!

  3. Stalking over from SR… I am going to stalk you a little bit more… love the picture!

  4. You are CRAZY!!!! And adorable! Way to go, seriously, that is a bad ass day of running!

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