The (almost) 14 Miler

If you’ve been reading you know the forecast for DC on Saturday was calling up 102 degrees…  The heat index was said to be at 110.

It’s no surprise that after much insistence from my running group peeps, I had to change the Saturday run to 6am.  WTF.  I wake up for work at 7:45am.  Seriously, I get to “sleep in” on work days now…

I’m glad I was convinced to start at 6am though.  It was 88 degrees at 6am, and it was getting warmer and warmer.

Hugi met up with me, and we ran the 14 miler together.  Should I mention that up until today her longest run was 8 miles two weeks ago?  She was definitely a trooper!

We ran this route:

Started off in Crystal City, taking the Mt Vernon Trail, over to 14 Street Bridge into DC, looped around the Tidal Basin then off to Hains Point, then back to Crystal City retracing our steps.

Luckily, since the sun was still rising, Hains Point was mostly shaded.  It certainly helped!

But I was feeling miserable the whole way.  We walked a bit around Hains Point and the Tidal Basin on our way back, then after taking the 14 Street Bridge, we ended up walking the 2 miles to the end.  So my 14 miler was more like an 11.5 miler, and the 11.5 miler was SUPER slow.  You’d think I couldn’t run any slower, but you’d be surprised.  But at least I completed the distance, right?

I tried not to feel as guilty about the walking since I knew there was the 5k that night, so I would be getting my running mileage in, just not all at once…

I definitely couldn’t have done it without Hugi, that’s for sure.  She kept me from giving up much sooner.

I left this run feeling really disappointed with myself — how can I even consider running a marathon, if I failed so miserably at running 14 miles?  The mileage doesn’t get any easier, and here I am struggling at week 7 of training.

After the run we made our way over to Smoothie King (best idea ever on this heat!) and picked up our packets for the race that night.

I went home, took off my sweaty clothes, put on an old t-shirt and pants (the AC was pumping), and collapsed into bed for 2 hours — gross I know, but as much as I was dying to shower, I was also dying to sleep.  I had planned on lounging at the pool until I had to drive to see my parents who were flying into the country that day, but I didn’t even have any energy left for that either…

The only relief I had later?  When I was talking to a couple of other friends who also had run the 14 miler that day (of course I didn’t see them after my run considering the pace differential between us), pretty much all of them said they also had to walk for a bit, that the heat was excruciating, and they too were doubting this whole marathon thing.

Misery loves company…  But it restored my confidence a bit — it’s not just me, it’s this crappy weather we have.


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9 responses to “The (almost) 14 Miler

  1. Regardless of having to walk a little bit, you still got the mileage in!!

  2. you still did it! with that heat, that’s something to be proud of. it was in the 90’s here and humid as well. i can’t believe i did it either!
    just keep reminding yourself that it will be cooler in october!

  3. The weather has been so rough across the entire country. I am so jazzed for fall–hoping all my time pounding the pavement in the heat will pay off. At least you got out there, girl. Keep on trudging through, it will cool down eventually (I hope!_

    • I love love love love summer and this kind of weather, but I hate running in the heat like this… I am hoping that long runs in this weather means that when the marathon comes along, it’ll be much easier… We’ll see…

  4. When I have a crappy run I like to look back at my better runs – that is the good thing about keeping a log in our blogs! I think you did great, considering the awful heat!

    7:45? WOW! I wish that was my wake-up time for work! 6:00 am is sleeping in for me (I get up at 4:30).

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