Wedding Talk: Guest Book!

I figured I needed a cheer-me-up post after my depressing post from earlier in the day…

So I haven’t talked about the wedding in a loooong time!  Basically we hit a lull in planning, nothing new to do, to buy, to plan.  Of course, that will be changing quickly since I have my bridal shower coming up in a week and a half, we got our invitations on Saturday (then it’s assemble, assemble, assemble…), and I bought a few things for the out of town bags.  So there should be new posts soon!

But yesterday, I bought something that makes me smile every time I think about it!  My guest book platter!

My guest book what, you say?

Basically this:

Except instead it will say Karl and Carla, November 27, 2010.  And the people will look more like us (I even sent a picture of my dress to them!).  I’m super excited, and can’t wait to see how it’s going to be like!  Though we only going to have a bit more than 100 guests, I got the platter above because it fits 200 signatures — I figured people can leave us a little note if they’d like.

Then after the wedding, you bake the plate in the oven for a bit, and the whole thing becomes permanent!!  And this is what it’ll look like:

Is it weird I’m excited about a plate?  I can’t wait to get this in the mail!


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9 responses to “Wedding Talk: Guest Book!

  1. Michelle Vela

    Love that plate-how cute is that?

    -Michelle Vela

  2. I LOVE the plate!!!!!

  3. Oh that is so neat!! You will cherish (and actually USE!) that for years!

  4. Awww! That’s super cute. I can’t wait to see it look like you two as well. 🙂 You must share when you get it.

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