Running in soup

Yesterday, Jess, another DC blogger, wrote that running in DC is like running in soup, that the temperature was lower, but it did nothing for the humidity, the only difference is that the soup bowl she now runs in is lukewarm.

This was the most perfect description I’ve read about our recent weather.  I’ve been freaking running in soup!

I wasn’t as lucky to get “lukewarm soup” on my run after work, as the temperatures were on the mid-90’s by then, but of course it doesn’t come close to what we had recently.  The run wasn’t much better, but one of the new group members, Kristy, who’s training for her first half-marathon, joined me for part of the run.

I struggled to keep pace, my Garmin kept beeping that I was going too slow, but the thing is, I didn’t feel slow.  It kicked my ass.  Luckily, none of that weird shin and achilles tendon pain I had the day before.  We walked about a mile, per her request, but I was dying for a break then, so I didn’t mind it at all.

Today, I decided to skip the run.  Not only I haven’t been getting much sleep this week — between running, seeing my parents every night and getting my apartment cleaned up for Karl’s sister’s visit, I haven’t gone to bed before 12:30am once — but I figured I need that extra day of “rest” to prepare for Saturday’s run.  Sometimes you just have to listen to your body, even if the training plan says otherwise, you know?

I was up super early this morning to get the last cleaning done and tonight my parents are coming over to see our new place and to meet Karena, my future sister-in-law!

The last time I saw Karena (and actually I had only met her once before the night I met Karl) was when we were visiting them in Seattle, when Karl proposed.  Let’s hope I can give her as warm of a welcome as I got from her!

Unfortunately, this little guy I’m holding isn’t coming…

Actually, none of these new friends I made are coming (and can you tell how freaking HAPPY I am surrounded by 3 pets?)

But I’ll bet Karena will keep us entertained enough, even if she’s not tiny and furry…


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6 responses to “Running in soup

  1. Glad you liked my soup bowl reference. This morning it was equally gross again. I’m hoping this weekend thunderstorm we’re currently have knocks out the humidity a bit. I’d love some comfortable weather for once.

  2. Joy

    I managed a solo bike ride today – whew! Busy roads definitely freak me out though.

    As soupy as it’s been around here, at least we have an ocean breeze to tame it down sometimes. It’s gotta be much worse where you are. BLECH!

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