15 Miles? Success!

After so many bad runs after bad runs, blaming on our ridiculous hot and humid weather, but secretly fearing it was me (ok, maybe not so secretly), I was not looking forward to running the 15 miles last Saturday.  Heck, if I couldn’t even run 14, why the heck did I even think I could run 15??

Turns out that the weather WAS to blame.  Can you hear the sigh of relief?

Saturday, it was meant to be on the high-80’s (versus low-100’s we had last week), and at 6am it was 72 degrees (while last Saturday it had been 88 at that time).  It was even a bit chilly while waiting around for all the other runners to get there.

Amazing how much of a crowd has been coming out on these Saturday runs.  A month ago, our frequency had dropped to about half a dozen people because of the heat, now we’re having twenty people showing up for these incredibly early runs.  A month ago, most people coming were running 60 minutes, now everyone is cranking up the high miles.

Our run started at the Roosevelt Island, and we went over the Key Bridge to the Capital Crescent Trail.  The CCT is pretty boring, all you see is trees and trees and trees, with an occasional sight of the Potomac early on.  But there’s shade, and after so much horrible heat, running on the shade sounded like the best thing ever.  (Of course, there were clouds when we got started so the shade made no difference — but I was thankful for it at the end of the run.)

I ran with Kristy, who had run with me on Wednesday and is training for a half marathon, and Karl tagged along as well.  Kristy didn’t plan on running the whole thing, so Karl stayed with us for support after she started walking.

So how did the run go?  We went further than I’ve ever been on the CCT, well into Maryland (yay, I ran through VA, DC and MD in one run!).  We had two pee breaks, one refill-the-water break and the rest we were running non-stop.  No breaks for drinking water, no breaks for eating Gu, just running.  I kept the pace pretty slow, hovering on the 12 min/mile mark, to make sure we wouldn’t tire ourselves out.  Kristy completed her first half-marathon distance and walked the rest.

For some reason, I got a second wind on the last five or so miles and ran most of it between 10 and 11 min/miles.  I finished it all with a 11:44 average pace and a smile on my face.  I could have gone longer.  I could have run another 3 miles if I needed to.  I was tired (specially since I pushed myself on those last miles — yay for negative splits!), but I wasn’t exhausted like I’ve been lately after these runs.

Of course, this weather is not staying put, and it’s back to the high 90’s later this week.

But for the first time in weeks I’m finally thinking that I might be able to run this marathon after all…

Today I’m a bit sore, but in a good way.  I also have my first massage ever scheduled for tonight…  And I’m starting it all with a deep tissue massage, which I heard is more painful than relaxing.  Hopefully that will get rid of some of the tightness of my muscles!

Have you had a deep tissue massage before?  Any tips?


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9 responses to “15 Miles? Success!

  1. Take a hot shower and then drink a crap ton of water after your massage. Both will flush the toxins out of your muscles–and the water will prevent dehydration!

    Congrats on your 15 miler, I am jealous of the cool temps. Maybe that will be my saving grace…until then, I am blaming all crappy runs on the weather 🙂

    • Good to know about the shower — I would have never guessed!

      Keep blaming the runs on the weather, amazing how easier it gets when it’s cooler and less humid! I gotta keep reminding myself of that next time I have a crappy run…

      • Lots and lots of deep tissue massages in my former life 🙂 One of the perks of being a student-athlete at a university that wins tons of national championships in a variety of sports–big budgets for things like weekly massages for the swimmers, hehe!

  2. Joy

    Congrats on the 15 miles!

    Breathe. You’re going to want to clench your teeth & hold your breath when they start macerating those knots, but that’s just going to add tension everywhere else.

    You can always tell them to back off too when tears spring to your eyes. (Works for me)

    • It wasn’t nearly as bad as I was expecting — I have a feeling he went easy on me when I told him it was my first time… The only tough part was when he touched my feet and I kept chanting to myself “ignore the tickling, don’t kick him, ignore the tickling…”

  3. The weather this weekend rocked and it definitely gave me some confidence back about my running ability! Way to kick ass on your 15 miles! You’ll totally be able to tackle the marathon!

  4. Yay! What a great run! And how cool that you ran through two states and one district 😉 How is Karl doing? Better?

    I hope you get more cooler temps. It is amazing how much better we feel (while running) when the sun is not shining on us and it isn’t in the 90s!

    • Karl’s foot hasn’t had any issues after it healed, thankfully.

      I’m hoping weekends stay in the 80’s. I’ll suck it up and deal with the heat and humidity during the week, as long as I know there’s a break for my long runs…

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