Wedding Talk: The Dress!

I talked before how I became a twodress bride.  After reading way too many wedding blogs and forums (wedding bee, I’m looking at you!) turns out a lot of people do this (no wonder there are so many “new with tags” dresses for sale online…).  Some girls go further and end up with three dresses…

I really really really wanted my dress to get here in time for my parents to see it, but the estimated delivery of “end of August” didn’t sound promising when they’re leaving on August 20th.  Then, I scheduled an alterations appointment in early September with a local seamstress who comes highly reviewed and charges $250 for the alterations instead of $500+ which apparently is common in these parts.  (Obviously, I am in the wrong business.)

Today I called the store and they confirmed end of August, saying that the expected ship date was August 23rd.

Much to my surprise, ten minutes later I got a call from them that they decided to call up the manufacturer, and the dress has been shipped!  It should arrive next week!!!

I can finally take a picture of me wearing it, so I can judge my fat arms and finally get on to losing those 10 pounds I want gone before the wedding.

If only running helped tone out my arms…  Which reminds me, I better go swimming again today!


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4 responses to “Wedding Talk: The Dress!

  1. Yay! So they get to see it?

    LOL, you do not have fat arms 🙂

  2. I totally understand this one… I am so lazy about doing any exercise for the rest of my body… my arms need some serious toning. Can’t wait to see your dress!

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