Now it’s the ankle?

Last week on my run home, both my left achilles tendon and my left shin hurt me to the point that 2 miles in I gave up and walked the rest.  I didn’t have any issues on my other runs, including this weekend’s 15 miler.

Yesterday, at 2.5 miles, my left ankle started to bother me.  I again decided to walk, because it’s not worth throwing away the training for a 3 mile run.

I’m starting to wonder if it’s the shoes.  I’ve been using these on my short runs for the last couple of months or so:

The Nike Free (they still look as white as the picture, and every time someone asks me if they’re new…).  At first I had no issues, and was already considering wearing them for my longer runs.  Now, with two runs in a row with these shoes causing weird pain in my left foot, although each time in a different spot, I wonder if I’ve been messing up my form while wearing them.

The reviews for them are great, and I really wanted them to work.  I might not completely abandon them yet, since they didn’t give me any problems at first, but I’m going to start paying more attention.  My other shoes are way past their 500 miles expiration, but they haven’t given me any issues lately (aside from making me have ugly-ass toenails), so I don’t want to switch (they did give me problems when they were still new, and after reading Born to Run, I’m convinced the 500 miles thing is bogus).

One of my running buddies, Kathy, also has super wide feet and got the Free for men — it’s an idea too.  They run narrow, and the women’s version is definitely much narrower than my current running shoes.

Have you tried the Frees yet?  How do you like them?


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6 responses to “Now it’s the ankle?

  1. Obviously this is a loaded question, since everyone has an opinion on the barefoot (and vibram, and nike free…) trend these days! I have VFFs and Nike Frees and MBTs and Vivo Barefoots (the latter two not for running). For me, I found out pretty quickly that it would have to be an all or nothing adjustment: I could change my form and go all out w/the barefoot, or I could stick to what worked, but going back and forth between the two pretty quickly messed up my legs/feet. So, at least for this marathon cycle, I’m sticking with what I know works for me – the standard shoes, with a new pair every 350-400 miles. I found that for my shorter runs, Karhu shoes gave me a new feel that I appreciate but are still supportive enough to prevent injuries.

    • You have a point — I haven’t had a chance to convert to the VFF because of all the long runs, but thinking of finally going for it as soon as Chicago is over.

      I never thought that going back and forth changing my form could cause pain, but you might be right. I was hoping to convert fully to the Frees before the marathon, since they’re much easier to adjust to than the VFF. But I might have to rethink this due to this odd pains…

  2. Joy

    Agreed w/ the above. If you’re going minimal, it’s better to stay consistent.

    I was upto 10mi on my Nike Frees & 2mi on my Vibrams before all this nonsense happened. I’m not sure what to do now.

  3. Try running in your old shoes tomorrow and replicate as close as you can your run from today. See what happens? Really good feedback on the other comments!

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