Remember how I mentioned yesterday that I was planning on running in this weather?

I did.  And guess what?  It was lovely.  It was freaking RAINING and not NEARLY as humid as the day before when it wasn’t raining.  Seriously, WTF?  There’s actually water falling from the sky and it’s not as humid as the day before with clear skies?

Only in DC…

But I should give rainy runs more of a chance, I enjoyed myself…  The only bad part was going under the pedestrian tunnel by the Pentagon, where it seems they had lost power, so the tunnel was PITCH BLACK inside.  You could see the exit, but that’s about it.  I was having a good run, but had to considerably slow down since I couldn’t see the ground, or even know for sure if there was someone in front of me or not.

I still finished with a 9:53 average pace even after a couple of very quick stops to deal with my runny nose (sexy, I know).

My garmin though?  Still a BIG fail in downtown DC.  Remember how it keeps doing this?

So I stopped waiting for a signal.  I know my run to Pentagon City is exactly 3.1 miles, I always go the exact same route, so I can just adjust it later when I upload the data.

Well, with each run it takes longer and longer for it to pick up a signal.  Yesterday, it finally got a signal around 1.25 miles in.  Fun…

It works everywhere else, thankfully, so I don’t think it’s so much of a Garmin problem as much as I think it’s a downtown DC issue.  Maybe I’m just too close to the white house and satellites are spotty there? (The white house is that green lawn that’s cut off on the right side of the map above.)


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5 responses to “Rain!

  1. Awesome pace! You know, my garmin is all wonky in “big” cities, so maybe that just has something to do with it? Who knows…

  2. Steve

    stumbled upon your blog recently…good luck with your Chicago training!

    Do you stand still and let your Garmin acquire sat signal before you start running? Or do you start your run, and let it try to acquire sat signal during your run? You’re supposed to do the former, so if you’re doing the later, that could explain the problem…

    • I takes about 5-10 minutes when I wait in front of my building, then the readings come out like the picture above (it assumes I’m zigzagging across DC buildings). Since I know the distance, I gave up on the wait when I run from work, as the reading is off anyway…

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