Wedding Talk: Our reception location!

I haven’t seen it or been to our reception spot.  Oh, the joys of planning a wedding out of the country…  Since my parents picked the reception location, I have googled my heart out for pictures of it.  This was the best picture I had found:

This is from their outside area, gorgeous, right?

Today, I went and googled for images again, and turns out that I found a blog that posted pictures of a wedding there.  The place?  Still awesome…

My reception is at Cais do Oriente Restaurant, which is in a historic building in downtown Rio.  We have the whole place to ourselves!

I just love the lighting!

Inside the restaurant:






The outside area/dance floor.  It apparently has a glass ceiling that closes up in case of rain.





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9 responses to “Wedding Talk: Our reception location!

  1. Michelle Vela

    Gosh-how beautiful! You inspired me to Run a slow 2 miles today. Question: You are super lucky to have found “the one”! Any helpful hints/advice for the rest of us who haven’t yet? I’m in a good place right now and am 42 yrs. old. (Insert Charlotte York’s character’s voice from, an episode of “Sex and the City”- ”

    Where is he already?!”

    (Hee, hee.)


    • The only thing I can tell you is the old cliche: you’ll meet someone when you’re least expecting it.

      Seriously… I met Karl at a dive karaoke bar when I was having a bad hair day, a fat day, and was super grumpy. I was about to leave when he approached me.

      So you never know — just remember, that as much as sometimes we want to stay home on the couch watching a movie on our own, we don’t actually meet anyone unless we suck it up and go out even when we don’t feel like it.

  2. GORGEOUS!!!! It’s so beautiful!

  3. Lindsay

    AW MAN!! That looks AMAZING!!! I’m totally mad I’m not rich right now.

  4. Holy shi*tballs, that place is gorgeous. Can’t wait to see the pics of YOU there!

  5. Beth

    Looks beautiful Carla! Are you excited? Or are you like me, and just looking forward to it being over? Never could have anticipated all the planning!

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