Weekend Recap

The weekend was super busy…   Friday my parents got back in town from their trip in NY and we all had dinner together…

Karl, my dad, my sister, my mom and me

Saturday we woke up butt early for our 11 mile run (yay for drop down weeks!)  We ran a super pretty route, starting at the Roosevelt Island, going over to the Iwo Jima Memorial, crossing the Memorial Bridge into the National Mall.  I usually avoid it because of the ridiculous number of tourists, but luckily very few were out at 6am.  I, of course, forgot to bring my camera, but Karena, Karl’s sister, brought hers and we took this post-run pic:

Later, Karena and I stopped by my sister’s and picked up her dogs, Luna and Diesel, and took them to the Shirlington Dog Park.  After stopping by cakelove for a cupcake, of course!

Unfortunately, cakelove was disappointing…  Definitely not worth the calories…

Diesel at first was unsure of the water, but Luna loved it!

I finally got both of them in.  They were so excited to be running around!

Though Luna (the Boxer) doesn’t swim (she literally backs up when she notices it’s too deep), I was hoping Diesel would, so I went up to my knees, and called out for him.  As soon as he reached me he jumped up, I lost my footing, and I ended up soaked from the waist down…  Luckily, I had left my cellphone in the car…  My car remote wasn’t as fortunate, but after taking it apart and letting it dry for many many hours, it started working back again…

As you can tell, Karena was still pretty dry…  Here we are posing with Diesel and Luna, they’re totally happy!

I was pooped after I got to my sister’s and ended up curling up on the couch and took a nap with Luna.

Luna ended up jumping down after all the picture taking, and Diesel wanted a part of it too.  Don’t you just love his under-bite??

Sunday, I slept in a bit, then got ready for my Bridal Shower!!!  My friend (and maid of honor), Nanubia, went all out when planning it — we even had personalized water bottles!  We got a bunch of pictures taken (Nikki, who took my engagement pictures came with her camera), but I don’t have them yet.  In the meantime, you’ll have to settle for this shot taken at home, after spreading out all the wonderful gifts so I could show them to Karl.

Karl was leaving town to TX for a work conference, so I dropped him off at the airport.  I LOVE the picture below, even though it’s super blurry.  But gosh, thank god he’s no longer in the Army or in the Reserves, if I get that emotional when he’s gone for a week, what the heck would I do if he was deployed?

Karena and I went back to my sister’s that night, and I tried to take care of my sister’s bird.  He was bleeding a lot from his stomach, and I was the only one brave enough to reach into the cage, get him and wash him out with water and antiseptic.  The blood stopped after I cleaned him up (there was so much blood, poor thing), and he seems to be doing a lot better now…  From the googling we did, it seems that he has mites, so he kept pecking at it until he would draw blood.  There was blood all over the bottom of his cage and even on the wall behind it 😦  I took this picture as my sister was cleaning out his cage before putting him back.  Ignore the super-oily hair and the lack of sleep face.

I did get some doggy loving again later…

The joint of my big toe started hurting around Sunday, and today it was still bugging me, specially when I have shoes on.  So I skipped my run home and gave myself another day of rest.  Work has been hell this week, which doesn’t help my lack of sleep state…

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