Week Recap

I haven’t posted much this week, basically because there’s not much to post.  Work has been SUPER busy, and as I’m by myself this week, I have barely had a chance to eat (I usually eat breakfast at my desk, no chance to at all this week, so I skipped it — all I usually eat is a Fat Free Greek Yogurt, so I’m mostly losing out on protein, not really on calories).

Running wise?  I’m scared.  I’m not scared of the distance as I was a few weeks ago, I’m scared of this weird foot pain I’ve had since Sunday.  It started with something that was barely noticeable, and it’s now hurting with every step.  Left foot?  Hurts right under the ball of the foot, in between my big toe and my second toe.  Right foot?  The stupid big toe joint that was bothering me earlier this year.

So Tuesday, I skipped the run.  Wednesday I ran, barely, and it turned out to be mostly a walk with a quick run back, missing my 8 mile goal by 3.5 miles.  Niiice…  But at least I was able to hold a 9:01 min/mile pace for the last 0.6 miles, which is a HUGE accomplishment for me.

And yesterday, lying in bed and being able to feel the pain, when I wasn’t even walking on it, made me gave up on my plans on running to work too.

(That actually turned out great, since 5 minutes after I was supposed to have left, I heard thunder, followed by a “tek, tek” on my window, peeked outside and the sky was coming down — huge storm with quarter-sized hail and 60mph wind gusts, flash floods all over the place, including some metro stations.  My friend Jane got caught running in that, and she said it was scary AND painful.)

Right now, I’m icing the foot.  Got the Run Amuck scheduled for tomorrow morning (not planning on pushing on that one, and just want to have fun!), and then the 17 miler on Sunday.  Fingers crossed this mystery pain goes away just as quickly as it came.

By the way, these are the obstacles planned for the Run Amuck this year:

Running Jumping Jacks - single count, 10 repetitions 36" orange wall - water filled barricade runners will jump over Tires - football style tire drill Mud Pit - enough said
barbwire crawl - clothesline tired 24 inches above the ground.  Runners will crawl under the clothesline! Hay Bales - slalom around hay bales Orange barricade / mud pit - runners will go over the barricades and into the second mud pit Bring on mud pit #2
Crunches - 10 single count Natural Logs - scattered on ground, runners will need to be cautious Pipes - runners will crawl through the pipes which will have water dripping from top Flutter Kicks - 10 single count, lay on your back and alternate legs vertically Fire Hose - fire department will be out with their hose spraying down runners

WTF, sit-ups???


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8 responses to “Week Recap

  1. oooh… i hope that foot pain gets better. maybe it’s just a weird thing that will go away with the rest you’ve taken. good luck this weekend!

    • That’s what I’m hoping for too! The other thing I was thinking of, is that I’m a HUGE flipflop wearer (I’ve worn them for years and years and can walk miles in them with no pain), but though the pain is in the bottom of my foot, it’s also in between the big toe and second toe — maybe it’s the flipflops that’s causing this, not the running? (Though I admit, I don’t know what’s more tragic!)

  2. I agree! Hopefully all the rest will make that pain go away!

    The RunAmuck looks like a lot of fun! Good luck!!

  3. You poor thing! Will you see a doc about your foot if it continues? I hope it’s just something weird that goes away!

  4. Ugh. Hope the foot pain goes away. If you didn’t have a race, I’d vote to just stay off it for a few days.

    Can’t wait to read a race review on the Run Amok. I’ve never run an obstacle race before and I have one next month. I haven’t a clue what to expect. I only run, so I don’t know how wimpy I’ll be with the obstacles!

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