Run Amuck Recap!

I woke up way too early for a Saturday, picked up Hugi, and we made our way down to Quantico for the Run Amuck.
I ran it last year, and though I liked the course and obstacles MUCH better last year, I had a lot more fun this year. Probably because it wasn’t as hot and humid, and because when you’re running double digits mileage on weekends, pulling off a 3.5 mile race sounds super easy.  Also, there were not nearly as many hills this year, which I think had a lot to do with it.
Once we finally got to Quantico (the wait at the gates was ridiculous) we picked up our packets and met up with Nikki(s).
Karl missed out on the sign up but was there for moral support (and because I didn’t give him a choice of staying home and sleeping).  You can tell how freaking sleep deprived we both were…
Nikki was much faster than us, so she went out on her wave.  Our wave finally started and off we went.  It started with a never-ending uphill, where we lost the other Nikki.  I was doing good, until we had to do our first obstacle:  jumping jacks.  WTF?  That kind of threw me off my zone…
Our first “real” obstacle was this mud pit.  I wasn’t wearing trail shoes, and am already very injury prone, so I was extra careful crossing it.
It took me longer than it should, because I kept on taking pictures!
And stopping to take pictures like this…  (If you pay attention, you can see Hugi’s red shirt way ahead of me.)
We finally got into the trail, I really liked this part!
And now for the next mud pit.  My disclaimer is this:  I am injury prone.  I was due for running 17 miles the next day.  I could not afford a sprained ankle or a bad fall mid-marathon training.  So I didn’t run across it, instead, I crossed it in what turned out to be a super girly way as the pictures below prove…  (I’m all the way in the back on the first picture.)
We finally had to crawl under wires on real mud.  It hurt like hell because there are tons of rocks at the bottom of the mud, and my knees got all scraped up.  But this is the end result…
Finally on the home stretch, we ran under the fire hose!
And met up with Karl at the finish line, where we posed for a post-race photo…
And of course, we had to go back to the fire hose and wash off!  You can TOTALLY tell how much fun we’re having!
We met up with Nikki at the end (we never found the other Nikki — she finished too quick for us!), who finished just a few minutes behind us.
Hugi and I finished the 3.5 mile run in 44:07 — really not bad considering how many times we stopped to take pictures, how I walked every mud pit, and how we had stupid obstacles like jumping jacks, sit ups and scissor kicks.
I had a blast, and definitely doing this again next year, but hope they put back the obstacles from before and take off the “sit ups” crap, because really, that’s not an obstacle course.  I also missed the wall climb we had last time!
Have you done a mud run before?  How did you like it?  How many washes did it take for your white socks to get white again?
(By the way, wordpress has been wonky today, if you got hundreds of these posts on your reader, I’m sorry!)


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9 responses to “Run Amuck Recap!

  1. How fun! I LOVE all of the pictures! Especially the ones of you crossing the mud pit “all girly” style. You crack me up.

    How did you keep your camera from getting mud in it?!

  2. This looks like SOOO much fun!! Too bad I hate getting dirty and would probably be in a full on anxiety attack with all of that mud, haha!

    • I don’t mind getting dirty on purpose — I had a change of clothes and a towel with me for the drive home, and a shower anxiously awaiting for me as well 🙂

      Now if I fell in mud in a regular day, I’d be pretty upset too…

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  4. Oh my goodness… I recognize all this… I think these are the Officer Candidate School training grounds… are they? If so, I’ve run these same mud pits, just with a different purpose! That looks like so much fun now, but it wasn’t then!!!

    • They totally are the same training grounds! One of my friends last year made a point of not signing up saying “I’d never do that for fun, I’ve done that way too many times already” referring back to when he was a marine…

  5. I freaking LOVED the fire hose. I felt like Shawshank Redemption, no joke haha.

    We must live close then! I’m running the 9/11 Arlington race. Are you in?!

    • Yep, I’m running that one too! It’ll be my third time running it (didn’t run it last year as it was the same date as the VA Beach Half), and it’s my favorite race: you get a medal, beer, hot dog and burgers at the end!

      (I live in Arlington, by the way, and run with a group, if you ever want to join us!)

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