Wedding Talk: The Dress in Here!

My dress arrived earlier than expected and my parents were able to go see it with me…  I tried it on and brought it home, as I’m doing my alterations at a local seamstress that came highly recommended.

The good:  The dress is as gorgeous as I remember.  LOVE IT.  No doubts about it!  And it definitely shows off my waist.

The bad:  OMG, I look huge, HUGE in the pictures.  HUGE.  (No one said white was slimming…)  My arms are like tree trunks, my back has too much fat.  I even got slight back cleavage (ew) after the woman tied the corset up.  So I DEFINITELY need to lose 10lbs before the wedding, and better get started on those arm exercises yesterday.  Ugh.

Also, the veil I got is a completely different shade.  I bought it from a wonderful Etsy seller, and already exchanged it once when I changed my mind from a waist-length to a chapel-length veil…  The dress is much more ivory-ish than the veil.  Will she let me exchange it again?  We’ll see, I’m still waiting for her reply…  She will probably think I’m nuts!

I don’t want to post the picture of me with the dress, at least not yet, but I’ll leave you with this sneak peek…  (Ugh, I don’t have arms, I have wings!!!  They might not look so bad on the picture below, but remember, I’m doing the “make your arms look slimmer” pose!)

I’m thinking of starting the Jillian Michaels 30-day shred DVD tonight, and hopefully I’m able to do it3 times a week (doing it everyday will be impossible with my schedule).  I have a little over 3 months to get my arms in better shape.

What has worked for you (or someone you know) in order to get more toned arms?  Am I ridiculous hoping that can be achieved in 3 months?

And now that 10lb weight-loss goal is also more urgent than ever.  My family leaves town this week, so there’s a lot less eating out plans on the schedule, and Karl and I can get back to our salad for dinner routine…  Hopefully, that will help.


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13 responses to “Wedding Talk: The Dress in Here!

  1. My arms tend to tone up pretty quickly (which reminds me, I really need to be doing some pushups…!). More important for me is losing the extra weight – but I tend to lose it from my arms first. Long way of saying I think you’ll be absolutely fine! And please don’t forget that we’re always way more critical of ourselves than others are, and you’ll look lovely in your wedding photos no matter what 🙂

  2. That dress is GORGEOUS!!! Congrats… and you do NOT look huge. We are our own worst critic. I bet your fiance loves it.

  3. You’re dress is gorgeous and you look gorgeous in it. If losing weight and toning before the wedding will make you feel better, then go for it, but even if you don’t lose the full 10, you will still look fabulous because you will be glowing because it’s your wedding day!

  4. Wow. I absolutely love your dress. And I know you will look stunning no matter what your weight.

    I wanted to lose weight for my wedding and never did, but still thought I looked great 😉

    But… I do think you can get some work done on your arms in 3 months. The Shred is a great idea. I like doing rope pushdowns on the cable machine too.

  5. Courtney @ I CAN DO THIS

    WOW, that dress is super flattering! I love it. Can’t wait to see the full shot!

  6. The Run Amuck looks awesome! {sorry to cross-comment}

    The dress is sooo beautiful, and your waist looks TINY! It shows your curves in a very nice, flattering way. Woohoo!

    The Shred worked wonders on my arms. Of course I have wings now, but I’ve been bad. 🙂

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