I’m determined to get in shape by November!  Every time I see the picture of me in the wedding dress and notice how horrible my arms, shoulders and back look, I get more determined.  Heck, I’d put prints of it all over the house for motivation if I didn’t care about Karl seeing me wearing the dress before the wedding!

My foot pain sort of went away — some times I still feel it, but not like it was last week.  I don’t mind as much these mystery pains as long as they disappear quickly…  Let’s hope it stays this way!

This means no more skipping weekday runs and back to marathon training full-force!

Last night, my friend Tiffany came over so we could do the 30 day shred together.  It kicked my ass, and I’m sore today.  You’d think I’d be in shape with all this running, but apparently, uh, no…

Later that night, Karl said he will do the video with me.  This is how the conversation went:

Karl:  “Is this supposed to be done every day?”

Me:  “Yep, but I don’t have the time, so I’m thinking 3 days a week”

Karl:  “It’s 20 minutes!  You have 20 minutes!  We’ll do it every day!!”

So it looks like I’ll be doing the shred everyday.  Fun.  But I sort of asked for it, no?

I ran to work this morning and felt like crap most of the way…  I finished the 4 mile run with an 11:07 pace, which included a couple of walking breaks.  I was just tired.  Lack of sleep, added to 17 miles on Sunday and all the shredding from the day before and I was spent.  But nothing like starting the day burning a couple of hundred calories.

To add to my determination, today’s groupon is $45 for unlimited boot camp classes for a month!  The regular price is $140.  So I signed up, posted about it on Facebook hoping I’d get others to tag along (accountability and all), and I’ll have to see when I’ll start with it.  Maybe in September?

And I really better start passing up on those chocolates here at work if I want to drop those 10 pounds.  The way I see it, losing weight will not only help me look better for the wedding, but will probably help running the marathon too (ick, less than 2 months for that!).

One thing I have never been able to do is push ups.  Not the girly push-up type with your knee on the ground, that I can totally pull off, but the real push ups…  Am I the only one?  Let that be another goal:  I better be doing some real push ups before the wedding comes around!


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6 responses to “Determined!

  1. I meant to comment on your post the other day–with the 30 day shred (twice a week) and Jillian’s No More Trouble Zones once a week, my arms have seriously transformed in three weeks. I can see definition without being bulky, I am super duper impressed! I also got 5lb weights instead of 3lbs and while it is challenging, it is still doable!

    • Oh, good to know — I’ll totally get the No More Trouble Zones now too! I have 5lb and 10lb weights at home — not ready for the 10lbs yet (but hope to be in a few weeks), as I got my ass kicked using the 5lb. I thought the 5 wouldn’t be enough, but now you gave me hope that it is!

  2. The Shred is a burn… I just loaned my video to someone else, so shucks, I can’t do it! And I’m totally with you on the push-ups. My arms are embarrassingly wimpy. Once I get 2/3 of the kids back in school on Monday, I plan to be at Bodyworks class at the gym at least once a week… and I have accountability since the teacher is a personal friend!

  3. I had never, ever, ever been able to do a real push up, but I could by the end of the Shred!!!

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