So if the title wasn’t a good enough tip, this post is not about running…  It’s about my hair.

I need a haircut badly.  I’m thinking I’ll chop about 6 inches or so off.  I have no patience for these things — last time I got my haircut was in January.  Now my hair is too long and it just bugs me.  Plus, it keeps getting stuck in my camelbak zipper-pull during long runs.  Gross.

This was my hair back when we took our engagement pictures in April, 4 months ago:


And here it is on a ponytail just last weekend during the Run Amuck:

See what I mean?  TOO LONG.  I like long hair, Karl likes my long hair, and I definitely want to keep it long for the wedding, but I don’t want it so long that it will cover the back of my dress.  Plus, since it’s been 7 months since I stepped foot on a hair salon, the ends are frayed and there’s no shape to it.  I figured a good chop now, then a trim before the wedding should do it.
I’m also considering highlights, but know NOTHING about it.  Right now I have real blond hair that looks fake, but I rather have fake hair that looks real.  (Makes sense?)  I always had bicolor hair, as this picture shows:
I don’t want to have roots for my wedding!  So for those of you who have done highlights, what do I need?  I don’t want to get my hair any lighter (I already deal enough with how quick it lightens up on a beach trip, despite putting globs and globs of Brazilian conditioner with UV filters), but I definitely want to get it more even.  Right now, even putting my hair on a ponytail there’s a huge contrast between the color on top of my head and that at the bottom:
(Yep, I totally took this at work…)
My hair doesn’t grow blond, so I have roots most of the year, unless I’m going to the beach a lot and getting a lot of sun. During the winter, it’s totally bi-color, as I’m not getting any sun.  But it lightens so quickly, specially when it’s covered in salt water.
I have a week in Brazil before the wedding, and that means lots of beach time, which might be enough to even things out (as you can see in the picture below, even my eyebrows disappear!)…
…but I really don’t want to have to depend on that — what if it rains leading up to the wedding?  Plus I’m planning on wearing my hair half-up/half-down and I don’t want it to look much darker when the other half is up.
So I need your help.  What should I ask for?  And should I do it now and do the upkeep later (I should add that I’m cheap when it comes to these things), or should I just wait to do it a month or so before the wedding?


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8 responses to “Hair!

  1. oh! this is so right up my alley!

    i highlight my hair every few months. what i’d suggest is… go in for a haircut now. get a chunk off and then, about two weeks before the wedding, schedule another appt for a trim, and a foil. search salons on yelp in your area, ask around with your friends on fb, tweet about it, find yourself a good salon that is decently priced. i know some people who pay almost $200 for a foil, and i think that’s ridiculous! i go to a great salon and a haircut, full foil, blowout, the works is about $95. that’s on the cheap side, but i’d say in the dc area, if you can find a place that charges roughly $125 or so, you’re good. because then you add tip, and then you’re broke.


    what i’d suggest is to get your haircut soon, and talk to the stylist then about your plans for your hair for the wedding. when you go in a few weeks for the wedding for your big highlighting appt, you’ll feel more comfy and prepared! cutout some pics in magazines of colors you like. there’s so many shades of blond… from platinum to honey to golden, etc. pictures to show what you like are a good thing.

    another big suggestion is to ask for a combo of highlights and lowlights. this will help with the root issue. i always get a little bit of both, and then, it helps you to extend the time between appts because the roots are hardly noticeable.

    hope this helps! sorry to ramble on! email me if you want to chat more about it all! can you tell i LOVE HAIR?!

    • OMG, so many good tips! Thanks!!! The cost has certainly been intimidating me a bit. I like the place I get my haircut now (and I started going there because of coupons), but I have a feeling it’ll cost a fortune with them. I’ll make sure to ask around, and good to know I can wait to get it done!

  2. i just thought of something else. when you go in for the highlight appt, tell the stylist that you’re going to be wearing your hair half up for the wedding. then, they can focus on making that part of your hair more even and highlighted just the way you’d want it to show.

    ALSO! when you hit the beach right before your wedding, there’s a few really good spray in treatments that help protect color treated hair from the sunlight. id ask about them at your salon, and then, find them for cheaper online!

    • Ooooh, good! I have some Brazilian hair masks with UV filters I use, and they help (and my hair gets so soft), but my hair still gets super light, even putting that on every time I get out of the water.

      I love the tip on the half-up/half-down! I’d never think of it, but it makes so much sense!

  3. Joy

    I’m a hair disaster. As in outta the box root cover-up & haven’t gotten my hair trimmed since the spring. I rock the ponytail – sorry I can’t help!

  4. Beki

    My only advice: USE THE SAME STYLIST EVERY TIME UNTIL THE WEDDING!!!! That way he/she is able to get a better idea of what your hair does. =-)

    Also, you can get your eyebrows tinted! I have a pretty much borderline-albino friend and she tints her eyebrows every time she gets her hair colored!

    And the salon should be able to suggest a good spf hair spray!!

    • I’ve been cutting my hair at the same place for a while — but since I end up only going there twice a year, I don’t think he has any idea what my hair does, but he does a great job each time.

      The problem with the eyebrows getting tinted, is that it looks fine now, but it lightens once I spend too much time in the sun. There’s no way I’ll know how it looks like until right before the wedding, after spending one week in Rio 😦

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