The shred update!

Woke up with a sore throat today.  I blame it on the coworker that worked while sick last Friday…  Don’t want to risk not being able to do my 18 miler tomorrow (not that I think I’m able even if I was healthy!), so staying home from work today.

Wednesday, I skipped my run because I was incredibly exhausted and it was raining all day.  Now, I’m glad I did.  The exhaustion was probably because I was already getting sick, running in the rain would not have helped!

Last night, I ran from work to Pentagon City.  Halfway through it, my left hip, right by the butt, started hurting.  I didn’t push it too much, and ended up walking the last half mile.  I’ve been doing the 30 day shred this week, so I think it that might have something to do with it, since it felt like a pinched nerve.

Then I got home, and convinced Karl to do the 30 day shred with me.  I only have 5lb and 10lb hand weights at home, so I told him to just use the 10lb, and we can buy some heavier weights later.  I still can’t do all exercises with the 5lb weights (weak weak shoulders, so anything to do with shoulders, I have to drop the weights half-way through).

So I should mention how Karl hits the gym for lifting four times a week.   And he goes all out with the super-heavy stuff.  And he runs the long distances on weekends with no problems.  He probably could have run the marathon with no training at all (sure, he’d be sore the next day, but he could have done it).  While my goal for the wedding is to drop some weight and tone up, his is “you know how James Bond has all the muscles, and you can tell he’s ripped, even when he has a tux on?  I want people to be able to SEE my muscles while I wear a tux.”  (Obviously, my goals are much more realistic.)

Anyway, Karl was huffing and puffing 5 minutes into it, had to drop the 10lbs weights himself halfway on the shoulder raises too, and had one vein that looked like it was about to pop out of his forehead.  We still have to get some heavier weights for him, for stuff like the chest fly and biceps curls (even I could probably use the 10lb now for the biceps, since the 5lb is too easy with it).

Then I had to drop something in the mailbox on our way out, and we took the stairs one level down to the parking lot afterwards.  He almost fell the last few steps, landing on the side wall, because his quads were giving up.


It made me feel a bit better.  Because I thought I was in shape, and the shred kicked my ass.  Karl finished it saying “now I’m a believer” and promised to continue doing it with me.  I told him we cannot move up a level until we can do all the exercises without dropping the hand weights.

My goal is to do it at least 3 times a week, but more if possible.  Definitely not doing it today before my long run tomorrow (stupid sore throat better go away!), but thinking of doing it tomorrow when we get home from our long run.  Hopefully this will help me get in shape in time for the wedding!

Does anyone actually do the 30 day shred non-stop for thirty days in a row?  How can you even do it with the soreness?


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10 responses to “The shred update!

  1. Jo

    It gets MUCH easier after the 4th day or so. It’s amazing how it affects almost everyone, even if they thought they were in shape! I alternate between 5lbs and 3lbs weights (for the shoulders) and that seems to help a lot. Try doing it every OTHER day, that seems to be the best solution. Not only because you’re changing things up for your muscles but because you won’t get royally sick of doing the same exercises every day.

    I made it to the second part (a little over 10 days I guess) and gave up. I should pick it up again, it really, really works!

    • My next time will be my 4th day, so we’ll see. I’m debating buying 3lb weight for the shoulder exercises, but I really just want to be able to do it with the 5lb (and to be honest, I’m just cheap).

      I loved it how it kicked Karl’s ass too, even though he was just doing it to be the supportive fiance! Ha!

  2. I think people HAVE done it for all 30 days. Insane! I am always sore too. And Level 2 always made me sore in one butt cheek. All those damn lunges.

    And whoa. I use 2-lb or 5-lb weights. I cannot imagine 10 on the shoulder moves!

    Hope you feel better. I have a sick coworker too 😦

    • When Karl met me after I walked my last half mile to Pentagon City, the first words out of my mouth were “I think it was that bitch Jillian Michaels”

      I’m not doing 10lb weights yet (though I could probably pull it off for the bicep curls), Karl was the one using them up, but he’s not as strong as he assumed 🙂

  3. The thought of James Bond plummeting down the stairs due to muscle soreness makes me giggle. I did bootcamp style workouts for awhile (pretty close to the Shred) and my husband totally didn’t get why I was so stinkin’ sore. But I always remember the soreness going away during the second week. Hope it gets easier for you! Good luck on your 18-miler.

    • You made me laugh out loud with your “James Bond plummeting down the stairs” comment. Awesome!

      I hope the soreness goes away by next week… Boot camp starts in a couple of weeks, and hope this is a way of easing myself into it, so that I can make the most out of boot camp!

  4. I did it 30 days in a row! I was in much better shape back then and the best shape of my life when I was done! I was SO sore the first couple of days, but I just worked through it and kept going. You will definitely start to see a difference in your strength and body!!

    • Holy crap! I was wondering if anyone actually did 30 days in a row. No wonder your before and after was so impressive! So far I’ve only done it three times. I was going to do it after my long run today, but I could barely walk once I got home, so ha! Not happening!

  5. I love the ass kicking of Bikram! Would you do it again? BTW, I may still be in for MCM and will definitely be working the Women’s Magazine booth for the expo. I’ll post about it soon! We should meet up.

    I have no idea about this 30 day shred but it sounds intense!!

    • Totally doing Bikram again!

      We should definitely meet up when you’re here for the MCM! Good to know you’re still in 🙂

      And the shred is this super intense 20 minute workout DVD by Jillian Michaels (from the Biggest Loser). Worth checking it out…

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