Hot Damn Yoga!

Saturday my run sucked.  Big time.  I was meant to run 18 miles, somehow it only turned out into 17.  I also think I walked at least 4 miles out of that, I have no clue.  It was just a bad day for a run.  At 6am, it was already in the 80’s, it was humid, and there was a code orange air quality due to pollution (and the sky did look a bit hazy…) and I was just SO TIRED.  Whether those were the reasons I sucked, I don’t know, but it was just a bad day for me to run.

This is unfortunate, since it was the biggest crowd I had running my pace yet!  It was a group of 6 of us, all mostly at the same pace, since Jane was taking it easy on the weekend.  But I had to walk after about 7 miles, then again with 12 miles to go, and it took me a while to get going again, walk-running until I had 2 miles left and Margaret pushed me into running to the end.

And you know, I didn’t even beat myself up for it.  You know it’s bad when you walk a lot and have the nerve to not even feel guilty about it!!  All in all, my 17 miles took me 3:38 to complete (a 12:49 pace, ouch!).

I got home and I was BEAT.  I jumped in the shower then went straight back to bed.  So much for my plans on spending Saturday afternoon at the pool, I decided to nap at home instead.  Marathon training is killing my summer 😦

Sunday it was another early day, as Karl and I went out for our first Bikram Yoga (hot yoga) class!  It was actually our first time doing yoga ever…  I’m hoping the hot room will help me get more acclimatized to running in horrible weather.  Hmmmm, maybe?

Anyway, the bikram yoga  Big time.  It was TORTURE.  I was miserable the whole time with the heat, doing the same poses over and over again (how many times do you have to repeat the same thing?).  I knew it was going to be bad when the instructor said “Let’s warm up.  Arms up, fingers interlocked” — and I felt the sweat dripping down my arms.  During the very first move of the freaking warm up!  All I did was put my arms up and I was already dripping in sweat?  UGH.

Those were LONG 90 minutes.  I hated it the whole time.  Yoga was definitely not a “zen” moment for me.  So of course, Karl and I signed up for a 35 class package after that, and we’re going back on Thursday.  Because if it’s challenging, it’s obviously something we want to get better at it.  Plus, I’m on that quest to look good with my dress

We got home, and it was another 30 day shred session.  I still have to drop the weight in the midst of doing some of the moves…  Not yet ready to move to level 2.

Today I’m supposed to run hills with Erin.  Not just any hill, the Walter Reed hill from Shirlington.  In a quarter of a mile, it goes up 130 feet.  Have I mentioned how much I hate hills?


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5 responses to “Hot Damn Yoga!

  1. My friend who did hot yoga thought it helped with the heat! I will be interested to hear if you start to like it more. I hate it when I feel sweat dripping down me like that… but don’t mind when I am soaked!

    Good luck on the hill! Are you taking any rest days (besides the Shred every day)? 🙂

    • I’m not doing the shred every day, I’ve only done it 4 times in a week, so there are some rest days involved! Fridays are for sure my rest days, to prepare myself for the long run!

      Good to know that the hot yoga does help with the heat! Karl seems to have enjoyed it more than I did though.

  2. Holy smokes girl… 17 miles plus nasty hot yoga PLUS the shred. You’ll be rockin’ in your dress. My goodness, give yourself a pass. You were totally right to not feel guilty on that run… we all have those days. I just hate when they fall on long run days… I’d much rather a crummy short run, right? That yoga sounds miserable. No thank you!

    • I’m hoping my motivation doesn’t die down…

      I don’t like crummy short runs either — they destroy my confidence on long runs!

      The hot yoga was miserable but most people love it, I’m hoping I’ll grow to love it too… We’ll see…

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