Meet Lucas

I posted this a while back in my now defunct old blog.  Meet Lucas…

I adopted him at the Arlington shelter 5 years ago. Though I am a dog person at heart, I love him to bits. He waits for me at the door, sleeps with me next to my pillow and does things to make me laugh. Karl calls him “baby” and now we’re both well trained in turning on the bathroom faucet so he can sip on water.

He is funny, like this photo shoot taken at my old place shows (note the mouse toy hanging from the door on the first picture and how high it is):


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14 responses to “Meet Lucas

  1. Ahhh! What a great cat! I will have to try that with our cat, Moxie to see if she will get a little exercise!

  2. LOL! These pics of Lucas are hilarious!

    Those Bengal cats can jump really high too. Ha. I don’t think Data can!

  3. LOVE the pictures! I love my cat to pieces too!

  4. Lucas should think about entering the cat olympics!

  5. he’s adorable! what a little rascal!

    (you might be interested in the giveaway i have at my other blog today. figured i’d comment with that link today instead of my running one in case you want to chime in!)

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