Remember how I mentioned I was going to do hill work last night with Erin?  Turns out I felt sick (still haven’t kicked off whatever I had on Friday), so I sent her a text canceling on my way home, got home and collapsed in bed (I didn’t even remove the covers or use my pillows, I just laid on top of the bed, work clothes and all, and promptly passed out).

Turns out, the Erin I had on my phone was a different Erin, one that hasn’t even come out to a run in well over a year.  I never knew I didn’t have Erin’s number since, well, I had an “Erin – Run” listed on my contacts (maybe I should jump on the bandwagon and start saving people’s last name).

So Erin never got my message.  And went for the run.  And waited.  And waited.  And waited.  Then sent me a frustrated email, being much nicer than I would have been if I were in her shoes.  Of course, I felt terrible.

I also felt really stupid, knowing that a couple of months ago, I saw her running on a nearby road while I was driving by and texted her saying “were you running at x street now?  If not, you have a twin!”  I got a reply that she wasn’t running, but weird to know she had a twin.  I was shocked it wasn’t her — I almost honked and waved!

Well, I guess it was Erin who I saw, after all, I just had the wrong Erin’s number.

Have you committed a huge faux pas that led to a friend’s disappointment?  And are you also really bad at deleting  numbers of people you haven’t seen or talked to in ages?

(Still sick today, and going to leave work early to see if I can go home and rest.  I’m also super sore from Sunday’s yoga experience.  Fun.)

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