Wedding Talk: My Bridal Shower!

A couple of weeks ago, my friends hosted a bridal shower for me.  I couldn’t have asked for a cuter party — Nanubia, my maid of honor, really went all out in personalizing everything and getting yummy food for all of us (I even had personalized water bottles!).

I got some wonderful gifts!  (Am I the only one that feels weird about having a party thrown in my honor where people bring gifts?)

Here are some pictures that Nikki, who also took my wonderful engagement pictures, took:

(Too bad there are no pictures of the table after it was FILLED with desserts!
Oh, and there are no pictures of the food table either, also filled with yummy things…)

These cupcakes were yummy.  They even have a TV show about them now…

The favor bags were filled with Brazilian chocolate!


And a picture with most of the girls…

And Karl’s sister, me, my sister and my mom (and in case you’re wondering, my sister is from my dad’s first marriage, hence the age difference):


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2 responses to “Wedding Talk: My Bridal Shower!

  1. Loving the Tiffany Blue (are you using that as your wedding color scheme?). And those cupcakes look divine. Glad you had an awesome bridal shower.

    • I don’t have much of a wedding color scheme. (The horror, I know!) My bridesmaids are wearing blue, but whatever blue they want (and it seems like they’re all leaning towards the darker shades of blue).

      But I adore the Tiffany blue too!!!

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