The weekend is finally (almost!) here!  This was a looong week…

Between getting sick and getting NO exercise done at all (so much contrast to my running/30 day shredding/bikram yogaing of last week), I’m finally starting to feel a bit more like myself.  I ended up not eating as healthy as I should have, which means the one pound I had lost earlier in the week will soon be a distant memory…  But, as of now, 1 pound down, 9 more to go!  Hopefully getting back into the swing of things means that despite eating crap, I won’t completely undo all the hard work it took to lose that one pound!

We did accomplish a couple of things, like going for a Costco run (we got TONS of veggies now, ready for some healthy eating again!), and hitting REI for some new energy gels (Hammer Gels, my favorite, were on sale for a buck each!  Have you tried them?  The banana and the apple cinnamon actually taste GOOD, and not just good for a gel…).  I’m trying out the Clif Shot Bloks on tomorrow’s 19 miler.

We also got a couple of other Clif Bars to try.  I usually eat half a Clif Bar before a run, and the other half after a run, in lieu of breakfast (I wake up too last minute to eat anything not portable).  But considering how quickly I hit the wall in my last few runs, I wonder if I should be eating a bit more pre-run?  Maybe the whole Clif Bar?  What do you eat before your long runs?

Last night, I was craving something salty so threw some broccoli, chopped asparagus, mushrooms and tomatoes in a wok, added a bit of seasoning, and voila!  With some feta cheese sprinkled on top it was the perfect filling meal, the feta made it feel like a treat, while pretty much everything else was just veggies, but it was delicious!

(Ok, the camera phone picture really is not the best venue to show how good things actually looked!)

I ended up eating the whole thing (told you I was hungry…) and had to make more for Karl.  He added some steak to it, and as much as I love beef as well, I just wasn’t feeling it.

We finished it off with a homemade fruit smoothie (we’re making them almost everyday now!), mixed with some chia seeds.

After all the eating, I got my invitations out and started working on them again.  So far I had mailed the international ones a couple of weeks back and got a head start on the rest, but still had a lot to do.  After a bit, Karl helped me get it done, so we were able to finish all the invitations by midnight!  Yay!

I brought them to work today and they’re ready to be mailed (my lunch time today will be spent in the post office, since all the local post offices changed their schedule and they are no longer open before 9am or after 5pm, which really sucks) — sure three months is one month longer than the etiquette recommends, but 3 months away people can still make plans to go to Brazil if they haven’t already, if it was only 2 months to go, tickets would be sold out, hotel rooms already booked.  So a month early they go!

Have I mentioned that today is exactly 3 months to go until our wedding?  Wheeeeee!

Tonight?  Finally getting a haircut.  I’m thinking layers starting from my chin line, and chopping off 6 inches from the back…


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4 responses to “Weekend!

  1. Hi there! First time posting! I’m so happy to have found your blog. The stir-fry looks de-lish and congrats on your upcoming wedding. *off to read more!*

  2. girl, i think you definitely needed to step up your pre-run meal!! half a cliff bar for 19 miles isn’t going to cut it! i have toast with peanut butter and banana. sometimes oatmeal with banana. a combo of carbs and protein and fiber is good… gotta have some sticking power there.

    i like the gu blocks, ever tried those?

    good luck tomorrow, glad you’re feeling better!

    • Good to know that half of clif bar wasn’t enough — I had a whole one today and it made a difference!

      I haven’t tried the Gu blocks yet, but Gu usually messes up my stomach badly, so I’d be afraid of trying the blocks!

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