Holy Crap! 19 Miles!

Saturday I ran 19 miles.  No, really, 19 miles.  And the best part?  Aside from walking a couple of times to swallow salt pills, I did no other walking.

I met up with the group super bright and early at Roosevelt Island and off we went.  This time, we were going to run at the C&O Canal Trail (unpaved), which starts parallel to the Capital Crescent (paved) but follows (duh) the C&O Canal.  I hadn’t ran on that trail in a loooong time.  I think it’s been a year and a half.  Karl hates it because it’s so damn boring — trees on one side, C&O Canal on the other.   On Saturday, as I was out on my own, he agreed to tag along with me on that, even though he was concerned whether his Five Finger shoes were appropriate for the unpaved full of pebbles trail (he had no issues with it, as long as he avoided stepping on big rocks — which you should do regardless of the type of shoes you’re wearing, no?).

Guess what?  Once you leave DC the trail gets really really really pretty.  No wonder so many DC bloggers love that trail!  Unfortunately, past the Fletcher’s Boat House around mile 3, there are no bathrooms anywhere else.  I had to dart to the bushes to pee (how classy), and I was surprised of how freaking gorgeous the place where I was peeing was.  If I had any energy left, I would have pulled out my camera, but turns out that when I’m out running that long, I can’t multitask at all.

Kathy also tagged along with us for most of the run.

I won’t say that I wasn’t tired, or that I didn’t want to walk many many times.  But the weather was perfect, in the low-70’s at that time so I figured I should at least suck it up for 15 miles, since my longest run where I didn’t have to take a break to walk had been 15 miles so far.  Of course, once I got to 15, I figured it’s only 4 more and might as well aim for it.

I hit my wall BADLY at mile 17.  I was DONE.  But I kept telling myself it was only 2 more miles (trying to ignore how many minutes 2 miles actually translate to), and pushed it through.  My last mile was my fastest, around 10:30 pace (not because I had any energy left, but because I wanted to be DONE with), but I finished my run with my usual slow pace average of 11:53 min/miles (it took me 3 hours and 46 minutes to finish the 19 miles).

Only 2 more long runs left until the marathon (YAY!).  This run also made me rethink my training once more…  I have two 20 milers on the schedule (and I’m tempted to take C&O again for that), for my last 20 miler run, my plan is to complete the 20 miles then walk another 3 miles.  At least I’ll have 23 miles under my belt by the time the marathon comes along.  We’ll see…

I got home, went straight to the shower, and my legs were SO tight.  I got some compression socks this week, and finally tried them out.  I was surprised, within half an hour, my calves had no soreness anymore at all.  I know people swear by them, but I had no clue they worked this well.  If you haven’t tried compression socks yet, do it now!  Totally worth the money.  Amazing!

Yesterday we tried out Bikram yoga again.  I’m TOTALLY sore today.  A good sore.  We’ll see if we can go again on Thursday night, before our trip to VA Beach to run the Rock n Roll Half (which was my first half last year).


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16 responses to “Holy Crap! 19 Miles!

  1. Congrats on your 19 miles! And hardly walking at all, what an awesome job!!! Good luck down in VB this weekend!

  2. holy crap is right! CONGRATULATIONS!!
    i’ll be doing my 19 miler this weekend in sunny, HOT reno, nevada! yikes!

  3. I love that the last mile was your fastest just because you wanted to be done! That made me laugh–I’m soo the same way.

    Congrats on the long run Carla 🙂

    • Thanks, Shelby!

      I totally go faster on my last mile, and I always kick it on my last tenth of a mile. People say “oh, you did great if you still had the energy to sprint at the end like that” and I try to explain that actually, no, I sprint at the very end because I have no energy left and just want to finish it!

  4. Way to go! It doesn’t matter how fast you finish, just so you finished! Also big props for not walking! Yeah you!

  5. WAY TO GO!!!

    School me on salt tablets… what do they do? When do you take them? How do they help? 🙂

    • You know how when you do a long run in the heat, you have full of salt left on your skin? Basically when you sweat too much, you lose salt. Even if you drink water, you won’t get hydrated if you don’t replace the salt. The salt pills help you replace them, so you get re-hydrated. Of course, you can also run with Gatorade, etc, but I prefer to drink water when I run than sip on sweet things.

      I actually take electrolyte tabs, these ones: http://www.amazon.com/Hammer-Gel-Endurolytes-120-Capsules/dp/B001AYMJFE/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=miscellaneous&qid=1283221503&sr=8-1 (not cheap, mind you, but it’s not like I take them everyday, only in these super long runs, so a bottle goes a long way).

      As a full disclaimer, I bought them ages ago and kept forgetting to bring them to a run, this is only my second run with them, but I found that they do help! (I took one per hour.)

  6. Yay! Go Carla! You are SO ready for Chicago. Even though you hit the wall on this run, the crowds in Chicago will carry you through.

    I have heard such good things about compression socks. Me thinks me needs to get some!

    • I hope you’re right! They’re not always good runs, but amazing what a small drop in temperature does to my stamina!

      YES!!! Get compression socks! Totally worth it. I didn’t believe how good they really worked until I got to see it for myself!

  7. 19 miles!!! Holy smokes! Awesome job Carla (sorry I got so behind on your blog, I forgot that your updates don’t show up on my main page since it only shows blogger blogs… ugh… but now I remember…)

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