Moving Comfort Fiona & Juno – Sports Bra Review

It comes a point in time where every woman running blogger must discuss bouncing and the tatas…  (I don’t think I have any male readers, but if I do, this might be the one post to skip.)

For those lucky runners with not much on top (or unlucky, depending on your point of view — the grass is always greener, right?) they can get away with the super-affordable Champion bras sold at Target — many people have them and love them (Sarah from Skinny Runner has talked about them quite a few times).  I wear them too at home, when I’m too lazy to put a real bra on.

But for high impact activities like running?  I’d probably get knocked out by a boob if I attempted to wear just that!

I know a lot of people who say running is not for them because of the big tatas.  When I first started running (about 3 years ago — time flies!), I would wear a top with a built in bra, and another sports bra underneath, but it just wasn’t enough support.  I could feel the bouncing and it was uncomfortable.

Now I have found the perfect running bra for those of us who need a bit more of a hold up there…  I started wearing them around 3 years ago, right after my failure with doubling up the bras, and haven’t looked back.  They’re not cheap by any means, but they come in cute colors and do what they’re supposed to do:  minimize the bouncing.  I wear them for running and volleyball (which has a lot of jumping — I’m an outside hitter) and they do their job!  For me, not feeling my boobs while playing sports or running is worth every penny!

What is that sports bra I talk about?  (Well, in case the title of this post didn’t give it away…)

The Moving Comfort Fiona bra!

They’re perfect for those with a C-DD cups.  I’m a 34DD (though I think I wear the 36C — bought it once when I didn’t know my proper size, and been afraid to change it since — I guess the C part provides an extra squeeze?  Who knows!).

I love them, because not only they have the back adjustment, but each strap can also be adjusted separately, making a perfect fit.  And since they sell them by the cup size, just like regular bras, you will not be stuck choosing a S-M-L-XL size, who never fits anyone perfectly.  At $44 this sports bra is not cheap, but it doesn’t look industrial (like a lot of sports bras targeted for those with bigger boobs do), and are actually attractive.  And as I said:  they minimize the bouncing, big time.

The only issue I’ve had with them was chafing once my mileage got into the double digits.  I had a bit of chafing near the side strap up front and at the back closure.  But I put Body Glide now on those parts before putting it on and it takes care of it — even holding out for my 19 miler.

The other issue, as you can see from the picture, is that they are regular straps (which I personally prefer, makes it much easier to put it on and take it off), but if you have a lot of racerback shirts, this won’t do you any good.  Moving Comfort just came out with a new bra, called the Juno, that is similar to the Fiona, AND has a racerback.

I decided to give it a try, and bought it a couple of weeks ago.  I have only taken it out on a three mile run (you really don’t want to try new things for the first time when running long mileage!) and so far I like them.

Just like the Fiona, they also have adjustable straps and a back closure:

They hold the bounce just as well as the Fiona does (and this time I bought them in my correct size), but they have molded cups, while the Fiona doesn’t have anything extra up front — I wonder how they do in terms of sweating, and if it’ll be too much layering for those hot days, specially on long runs.  They also come in cup sizes though, which is a big plus.  They take a bit of more contortion to put on and take off, but it’s worth the effort.  They’re slightly more expensive than the Fiona, coming in at $52, but again it’s worth it if the tops you already have are racerback.

I have always stayed away from racerback tops since I’m such a Fiona convert, but now that I found the Juno, I can get cute racerback tops as well.

If you’re even bigger on top than a 40DD (Moving Comfort’s biggest size) or you ARE looking for something industrial, Steve in a Speedo wrote a great review on the Enell bras a while ago.

I’ve seen many runners out on the trails with boobs out of control.  I’m always tempted to stop them and tell them that there is a better way, to try out the Fiona, but so far I’ve been good at resisting the urge…

What do you wear under your running clothes?  Any other great sports bra you can recommend?  And don’t you wish your arms and back were as toned as the model above?


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18 responses to “Moving Comfort Fiona & Juno – Sports Bra Review

  1. I don’t have a good sports bra to recommend although these look great. I’m also a DD girl so I could use the support!!

  2. I have always ended up with smaller bras for that extra squeeze. I have a few size M Reebok sports bras (I’m a 36D) that are definitely really tight, but they work to hold everything in place. I should probably invest in one of these though, so that it’s not so constricting.

  3. Thanks for commenting on my post. yes, I am running chicago. I will use your advice and just try to get the miles in…whether walking or running!

    • Yes, definitely don’t beat yourself up for walking a bit! Unfortunately I also need to walk quite a bit too once the mileage got too high 😦 Once in a while (like my 19 miler last Saturday), I’m fine and can run the whole thing, but seems those are rare cases nowadays…

  4. I just purchased the Fiona bra a few weeks ago, and it’s by far my favorite!

  5. I have four of the Moving Comfort Vixen. It’s my fav bra, by far… just need to save some cash to get some more… would love to try the Fiona and Juno.

  6. Tab

    I’ve been working my way up to purchasing a MB bra and love the look of the Juno. Only concern is the possible chafe along the upper shoulders and neck. This has been a problem for me with other racerbacks. Have you used it enough to know if this is a problem???

  7. Zoe

    I wish these bras came in a cup size larger than a DD. I am a short, petite woman with large breasts. I am a 32F in British bra sizes, which is like a 32G in American bras, but I only wear British made bras because they are the only quality bras that come in my size.
    My favorite bra for running is the Freya Active, which comes in cup sizes up to a K! I have had nothing but great experience with it and it is worth every penny. It is what has allowed me to run again without layering three sports bras and feeling like I can’t breathe.
    I have been thinking about ordering a custom bra from enell, but that’s a lot of money to spend on a bra that might not fit and can’t be returned. My measurements don’t match anything on the enell size chart so one of their standard sizes would not work for me.

  8. btothes

    I just came to the same conclusion – trading my Champions in for Moving Comforts. Nice review!

  9. valerie

    Helena by Moving Comfort is also good…

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  11. Lulu

    Thanks for the review, I just heard about Moving Comfort and am excited to try it out. My favorite bra so far is the Panache Sport. It is amazing, it encapsulates the breasts and stops the jiggles which I used to think I were unavoidable for the well endowed runner. I am so happy that more places are making nice bras for breasts, I am so sick of the ugly bra days 🙂

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