9/11 5k tomorrow!

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Tomorrow, I’m running the 9/11 5k, and of course, I coerced my brother and his wife to run it too!  (No, they are not runners, but I’m hoping that by joining me in a 5k they’ll get bitten by the running bug too!  God knows they could afford to exercise a bit more…)

Oh, have I mentioned that my little brother arrives in town TONIGHT?  From Brazil?

He hasn’t visited me in 10 years (my parents come every year, he usually doesn’t have the time off).  I only get to see him when I visit Brazil, which is every other year or so (but this year I’ll get to see him three times!  YAY!).   I’m so freaking excited!  Unfortunately, he’s a grown man now, so not as cuddly as he used to be…

Anyway…  The 9/11 5k in Arlington was my very first race, 3 years ago.  At that time I was not a runner, far from it.  I had started on the Couch to 5k plan, but wasn’t really doing it seriously.  Race day came, and I walk-ran the 5k, finishing in 38:55, and about died at the end.  The following year, I ran it again, and though I could run the whole thing, I only marginally improved my time (I think it was only my third race at that point, having run the Crystal City Twilighter earlier that year).

Of course, it was after this race when my friend then convinced me to sign up for the MCM 10k (same day/finish line as the Marine Corps Marathon), and it all went downhill from there — after the 10k, I signed up for the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler the following year, my first half, and now here I am 2 years after running my first 10k, 3 years after running my first race, training for the Chicago Marathon.

I should also mention that the friend who started me with running longer-than-5k distances, Angela, is also back in town after mobilization, and she’s running this 5k too!  She got back from the sandbox last week, but I haven’t had a chance to see her yet.  She’s here sooner than her original orders were calling for, so this is awesome news!

My goal for the 5k tomorrow was to PR.  The last 5k I ran was the Crystal City Twilighter (my report here), and I got a PR then, but still didn’t break the 10 min/mile pace I wanted to.  That day, the weather was at 102 degrees, sunny and super humid, so I walked all the water stops to make sure I hydrated enough (plus I had ran 14 miles that morning).  Tomorrow, the high will be 79 degrees, what a difference!  My plan is to run through the water stops and see if I can finally kick it and break that 10 min pace (at least officially, since I have done that on my other runs).

The only problem?  I haven’t run since the Half Marathon last Sunday.  Wednesday I started bootcamp, and the whole class called for squats and lunges.  Seriously.  So when I attempted to run 8 miles that night, I gave up after a VERY slow mile and walked the rest of the time.  I was going to run home yesterday, but woke up with my legs screaming in pain.  We went to bikram yoga last night, which I was hoping would help, but no such luck:  today my legs are even more sore, feeling like little needles are going into my the inside of my quads and glutes muscles with every step.

So, can I PR after not running all week?  My legs won’t be back in shape by tomorrow night, but I know they at least won’t be as sore either.  But without even warming up my muscles all week with a bit of running?  That will be interesting.

Add that to lack of sleep (my brother and his wife for some stupid reason got their tickets to NYC, and will be getting a train from there to here, arriving at 12:30am tonight, ugh), who knows what I’ll be able to run tomorrow.  It is the last 5k this year, so I really hope to do it well.  Heck, with the weather being more than 20 degrees cooler than last time, I really wanted to push it!  It’ll be interesting to see how it works out.

And my scheduled 20 miler?  We took the day off on Monday and we’re getting it done then.  Wish me luck.  I’ll need it…


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2 responses to “9/11 5k tomorrow!

  1. Have fun! I will be running the race too and looks like perfect running weather! Yeah!!

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