Race Picture!

Definitely not a flattering picture of me (looks like I’m feeling myself up — why is my hand so high up by my boobs?  Horrible running form!), but it’s the only picture caught of me at the 9/11 5k this weekend.

At least it looks like I have both feet off the ground for a change…  Can you spot me (in blue), between the two guys also wearing blue?

And I have a SUPER CUTE skirt on, but this is the only picture from the WHOLE DAY where it kinda shows.

The skirt is from Skirts Sports, which I reviewed a while back — I’m still wearing them and loving them months later.  I really should be getting some kind of commission for the number of people I have recommended them to.  Plus, I have them in every color now, so my bank account is drained.  They’re totally worth it though!  And I’m planning on getting another one in this color — I got TONS of compliments on them at the race — and the pink one in this print as well.  I used to complain they didn’t have enough colors and prints.  Now I hope they stop coming up with new colors and prints!!!  I cannot afford to keep buying a new $65 skirt (no coupons online, sadly) every few weeks!


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11 responses to “Race Picture!

  1. I just saw that print recently, and that’s the one I have on my current wishlist… they are definitely pricey though.

  2. $65 is a lot for a running skirt in one way.. if you’re buying them frequently.. but then again, GOOD workout gear that lasts can be pricey so in another way it’s not too bad..

    But I can only afford to buy one every few months, too.

    Running clothes is more expensive than a partying habit! 😀 hehe 🙂

  3. My problem with running shorts/skirts is that you never know how comfortable they’ll be until you’ve worn them (thus rendering them un-returnable). So I’m okay with paying $60 for one I know will work rather than paying $25 for shorts x however many it takes to find ones that work… That said, I do think their prices are steep.

    Anyway, question: where do you keep your keys/other essentials in this skirt? Esp. during marathon training, with gels and the like? I saw the two small pockets, which seems like it will be my phone and (very lumpy) keys. Any suggestions? I had a spibelt and HATED it.

    • You look great! I also spy someone wearing a 2010 VA Beach HM shirt. 🙂

      I purchased my first running skirt (from skirt sports) a few weeks ago and I LOOOOVE mine. (I think I even found your blog by way of googling reviews. ha!

      • I noticed that too! I was like “I have that shirt!”

        The skirts sports skirt are awesome! I still wish they were cheaper, but they’re worth it since I don’t have to think about them when I’m wearing them — any item of clothing that I don’t need to think about while running is a big plus in my book.

    • I usually keep my keys in the car, and bring my car remote with me, and I stick that in the pocket (I used to tie it in my shoes before I got this skirt though). A lot of people who run with me do the same thing, sometimes just taking one key out and tying them in the shoe, leaving the rest at home.

      For the gels, since I’m carrying a camelbak I put the extra in there, and a couple in the pockets of the skirt. It fits comfortably 2 gels per pocket (I use the hammer gels, which are a tad bulkier than Gu). It also fits two packets of Clif Shot Bloks per pocket (I fold the packet in half and stick it in). You notice them at first, but you forget about them after a couple of minutes. They don’t make the skirt look bulkier, since the skirt kind of flares out anyway (and it has side slits), so it still looks cute.

      Though my camera fits in there fine, I find that it’s too heavy (I have an older model of the Olympus waterproof made of aluminum which is WAY heavier than the newer cameras), so the skirt kept falling down with the camera in there when I first tried. So I use an iFitness Belt when I bring my camera in races (or put my camera in the camelbak if it’s just a training run), as I usually wear that anyway since it has a bib number holder. I haven’t tried the spibelt, but I really like iFitness one, as it’s neoprene, it lays pretty flat against my lower hip, so it doesn’t bounce or feel bulky. (I have this one: http://www.ifitnessinc.com/index.php?_a=viewProd&productId=54) and you can see me wearing it in this picture: http://sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash2/hs309.ash2/58895_630590384815_16408068_35781538_6279194_n.jpg

      REALLY good point on paying a lot for things that don’t work for you — I’ve spent so much money on things I didn’t like (like the running skirts from runningskirts.com, which are just as expensive, but the the 5″ inseam shorts rode up to my crotch and my legs felt like sausage casings. Never wore those skirts again).

  4. Ohhh that skirt is nice, I have a pink shirt that it would match with perfectly. Hmmmm…

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