Wedding Talk: Cuteness

Turns out my wedding will be full of “cute” things.

Not only are we using this guest book platter

We also have these soap bubble bottles…  I went for cheap ones, and got labels done for even cheaper (with the lovebirds and “Carla & Karl” written on them), and ta-dah!  Customized soap bubbles with  for a fraction of the price of wedding themed ones.  (And yes, this is as much of a DIY that I’m getting done for the wedding — who has the free time?)

Then, of course, our super cute cake topper (except his abnormally short arms compared to mine have been redone since my mom sent me this picture).  It cost 30 bucks in Brazil.  When you convert the currency, it’s equivalent to 50 dollars.  Here these go for a hundred bucks.  SCORE!  (Lucas came out too light, so my mom is going to paint him gray a bit to cover him up.)

Then to add to things, yesterday my mom emailed me saying she decided to order custom napkins (the linen type, not the paper type).  Because renting them is only slightly cheaper and didn’t seem worth the money…  So she sent me the proof (the date is going to be embroidered Brazilian style, not American style, which I’m ok with it, people will get it), and this is what people will be wiping their mouths with (and I guess we’ll be later using at home for many many many years to come (there are 100+ napkins after all):

Though there will also be things at our wedding that are sophisticated, and many many things that will be fun (it is a party after all!), but I’m super excited to have all these little personal touches, it definitely reflects a bit of our personality!  And at the end of the day, it’s the personal touches that people remember, no?


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5 responses to “Wedding Talk: Cuteness

  1. I love the napkin idea!!! Do you mind sharing where you are getting them and the cake topper?

    I think the personalized bubbles are much cuter than the boring white bubbles anyway! LOVE IT!!!

  2. I too like the napkin idea. So cute!

    I love that platter 🙂

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