Birthday Run!

Saturday morning, I really really really didn’t want to go out for a run.  I was tired, I kind of felt that because it was my birthday I should EARN the right to skip the run, but off I went anyway.  I woke  my brother and his wife up and basically forced them to go out with us, so they could enjoy the sunrise over the monuments.  (They hated me then, but later said it was worth it since they got some beautiful pictures!)

I met up with the group at Roosevelt Island while it was still dark, and off we went.  Since Kristy, who runs my pace, was there running 12 miles, I told Karl to go off on his own to work on his speed, and I tagged along with Kristy.  I’m not sure how cold it was, but when we finished the run it was only 62, so it was definitely in the chilly side of things (for September, anyway).

Have I mentioned how I hate hate hate the cold?  But I love love love running in cooler temperatures!

The run went great!  You know those runs when everything clicks?  You move faster than usual, but you feel like you’re barely making an effort?  That’s how it was.  On Saturday, if you had asked me mid-run, I’d say I love running (usually during a run I’m telling myself how this is a stupid sport, running sucks, and I should never run again). We ran over to Iwo Jima, past the cemetery (I still haven’t gone in there, I find it a tad creepy), over the Memorial Bridge, and once in DC, we ran through the National Mall, past the Capitol and another mile and a half into the city before turning back around.  Such a pretty run, specially that early in the morning before DC gets filled with tourists.

We forgot to take fuel, and when we were about an hour or so in, we remembered and had a Hammer Gel.  And we kept on running…  We had two pee breaks by the Washington Monument (in real bathrooms, no worries, we were not squatting down behind a flag, or anything), but didn’t stop aside from that, except to wait at the lights.   The run went GREAT.  Amazing what cooler weather does to running!

If it had been a race, I would have gotten a 10 miler PR (we reached mile 10 in 1:50), and I even though we booked down hill once we got to Rosslyn, I could have kept on running a few more miles if it was on the plan.  This makes me think that my goal for the Army Ten Miler should be 1:45.  We’ll see…

We finished our 12 mile run in 2 hours and 11 minutes, with a 10:54 pace (already 5 seconds faster per mile, than my half marathon PR a couple of weeks ago…).

Oh, how I hope the weather is on the 50’s come marathon day!

This run was a major confidence booster!  I’m feeling strong and ready for the Chicago marathon (in 20 days!!!).  Next weekend I have my last 20 miler in the schedule, and I hope it goes just as good as the one before not to burst my bubble, but the weather is supposed to warm up until then, so who knows?  Amazing how far I’ve come since I wrote this post.  I think even Karl started enjoying our long runs together despite the slowness, since we’re seeing new things (we both loved last week’s 20 miler!).

The rest of the weekend went great!  I got this fancy camera from Karl for my birthday:

EOS Rebel XSi EF-S 18-55IS Kit

And a Dummies book, so I can figure out how to use it.  I’ve had a Panasonic SLR for years, but never learned how to use the manual mode (I do take great pictures with the auto mode, a few were visible on my walls when I posted pictures of my place), but it’s about time I used a camera without just pressing the shutter.  My friend Nikki, who took our spectacular engagement pictures (gosh, I’m linking a lot today), has the same camera, and she also gave me a photography book to learn how to use the manual mode.

Since our future should involve quite a bit of world-travel (including living overseas — oh how I want to get the news already so we can start making plans!), a fancy camera will come in handy!

After taking too many naps during the day, then enjoying awesome Cold Stone Creamery ice cream cake, we all went to the dive karaoke bar where Karl and I met, and had about 30 other people joining us for the birthday celebrations!  (Though somehow Karl got stuck with a $250 bar tab, because our waiter apparently did not give people their drink bill when they cashed out, so most people left after only paying for their food…  Karl is less bothered about this than I am — but seriously, I bring 30 people into a bar and the waiter can’t even try to make this easy for us so we’re not stuck paying for everyone?)

We had a blast though, I sang (badly, as always), Karl impressed everyone when they realized he can actually sing, and though I didn’t take one picture of the night, many people did, but so far only these have shown up on Facebook so I can steal them…  First, me singing Mr. Brightside with my friend’s new boyfriend (who was screaming into the microphone, so he left me laughing for most of the song)…

(I should add that I’m not really this short, this guy just was ridiculously tall!)  Then Karl rocking the house…

I also got some awesome lululemon arm warmers, gloves and a neck warmer from Kathy!  Other friends got me super pretty earrings and a couple of gift cards as well.  I wasn’t expecting any gifts except from Karl, so I am truly humbled.

My brother left this morning, so he’s the last of our out-of-town visits this year.  This means I’m super sad he’s gone (but I get to see him again in 2 months!), but also looking forward to going back on that diet, because going out to eat every night (and eating birthday ice cream cake for breakfast) added on quite a bit of weight, ick.  (And my first dress fitting is tomorrow…)  No running on the calendar tonight, but we’re hoping to fit in a Bikram Yoga class, and back to bootcamp tomorrow!


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6 responses to “Birthday Run!

  1. Sounds like you had a great birthday! Happy Birthday 🙂

  2. Happy belated birthday!! looks like you had a good one 😀

  3. What an amazing run! You are so ready for Chicago! I hope it is cool like last year (was in the 30s).

    When will you find out where you get to live overseas!

    What a fun birthday but a big BOO on the bar tab! 😦

    • I definitely hope it’s cool this year — I’m hoping 40’s and 50’s…

      We’ll probably only find out where we will end up in February (assuming Karl starts in January, all signs right now indicate he will, but we don’t want to get too comfortable on that, just in case).

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