Back on track!

(I hope…)

We’re done with out of town visits this year — I’m afraid of weighing myself and finding out how much I put on since my brother got here.  Sure, I still got two of my runs in last week, including the 12 miler, and I still made it out to bootcamp twice, but there was no Bikram yoga, no running home from work, no Jillian Michaels 30-day shred.

What I succeeded in doing was a lot of eating out…  Korean BBQ?  Check!  Mongolian BBQ?  Check!  Indian food?  Check!  Hibachi?  Check!  Pizza?  Check!  Burger?  Check!  Fondue?  Check!  Cold Stone Creamery?  Check!  BBQ at my sister’s with ribs, picanha and sausage?  Check!

Needless to say, not only the diet went out the window, but I ate enough to feed a family of four for a month.  Ack!  I don’t even want to know how much of the good I undid with all of this, but it was worth it!  I was excited to show my brother around and have him and his wife try all the food they don’t have in Brazil (save for the BBQ at my sister’s, of course.  And we have burgers and pizza there too, that was more out of convenience).

But now, back to the grind!  I already cooked veggies last night, and made kale chips for the first time (have you tried it before?  It’s delicious!!).  We went to Bikram Yoga last night, then this morning woke up at 5am for bootcamp.  Tonight, I’m running home from work (if I don’t fall asleep midway, I’m sooo sleepy right now!), tomorrow bootcamp in the morning and group run at night…  And so it goes.

We’re 19 days out from the marathon, and now is not the time to gain weight!  Plus, my first dress fitting is tonight (eeek!) and we’re now 67 days out from the wedding.  In a week it’ll be less than 2 months.

I really can’t gain weight now!  Let’s hope that between all these long runs, the bootcamping (did I tell you that I got another groupon and signed up for yet another month?  ACK!) and the bikram yoga, I can finally lose those 10 pounds I want to lose pre-wedding.  And look more toned.

Damn it, I’ll be sleep deprived, but I better look good!


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3 responses to “Back on track!

  1. you’re going to do great! remember, your appetite is increased a lot right now with all these long runs. you’re enjoying life and that’s what matters!

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