My fancy new medal holder!

I saw a review for this awesome medal display on another blog (I wish I remembered which one, so if it was you, give me a shout out and I’ll give credit where it’s due), and though they were hosting a giveaway, I never win anything, so of course, I just went to the site and bought my own.  The holder is from Allied Steel Fabricators (not a fancy name, I know), and they have cool designs like these:

I went with the runner with the city skyline — though they also have a “girl” version of it, since Karl runs a lot of the same races as me and we usually only keep one medal out, I figured it was fitting to just have a boy runner, instead of the girl (plus, the girl runner didn’t have good form, looks like she’s skipping).

The medal holders are far from cheap, but beats the key holder I’ve kept them on so far, and I’ve invested enough money in races that the medals deserve a better spot.  So 39 bucks and a week later, I finally got it in the mail.  I LOVE it.  And yep, it was expensive, but now I can finally obnoxiously display my medals and it looks good without looking too obnoxious!

So now, when people enter my place and before they reach the living room, they will have to pass this:  (You can click on the pictures for a better view.)

How cool is that?  I can’t wait to put the Chicago Marathon medal in it, though from what I saw after a google search, it looks like the medal is super boring…

And don’t you wish every race gave you a medal?  This is only a sample of what I’ve run!  I have to find a way to put the Army Ten Miler “coin” in there too…  And if I knew where my Zooma “necklace” was, I might even consider putting it there, but I don’t know if I even like it enough to display it.

Want a closer look at my medals?  Here it is, from left to right:

Cherry Blossom 10 Miler 2010 (they didn’t have a medal option in ’09)

Rock n Roll VA Beach Half Marathon 2010

Arlington 9/11 5k 2010

-Marine Corps Marathon 10k 2008 (my first 10k, untrained, I didn’t even run much leading to it, and I remember how much of a big deal to me it was that I actually ran a 10k without stopping.  Ah, good old days…)

Rock n Roll VA Beach Half Marathon 2009 (my first half, and a huge accomplishment for me at the time)

-Arlington 9/11 5k 2007 (my first race EVER.  I couldn’t even run the full 3 miles back then, had to walk/run, finishing in 38:55)

Marine Corps Marathon 10k 2009 (right after nursing a sprained ankle.  It was not fun…)

-Arlington 9/11 5k 2008 (boring medal…)

Shamrock Half Marathon 2010 (still one of my favorite medals!)

How do you display your medals?



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27 responses to “My fancy new medal holder!

  1. Courtney @ I CAN DO THIS

    I love it!!
    That’s cool that you’ve run so many races that give medals. I never knew they had medals for distances shorter than a HM until I got on for a 10K last year.

    I agree, the Shamrock one is pretty cool, but I think my favorite is your Virginia Beach seashell one 🙂

    • I think it’s head to head between the VA Beach RnR and the Shamrock one — they’re both my favorites!

      The only 10k that gives a medal around these parts is the MCM one (probably so the 10k’s don’t feel left out with all the marathoners and their medals?), and the 5k is the 9/11 one.

      I do like getting a medal!

  2. I love the new medal holder and all your medals! I definitely love the Shamrock Half one. It’s such a fun shape!

  3. I love that you bought this. I tried to win the medal holder too, and I didn’t 😦 I keep hinting to the boyfriend about how wonderful that would be for a birthday present. I even made sure to tell him exactly which 2 I like (you know so he has a choice.) Crossing my fingers that I get to open one the end of Oct. Now I need to go run more races so my VA Beach medal doesn’t get lonely 😀

  4. Oh, I love that medal holder. Very cool! As for me, I only have one medal. 😉 Hoping for more to come!

  5. That is so so cool! I was thinking, I would pick the one with the city background too 🙂

    • Oh, and I meant to say, mine are just pinned up in my closet right now! (You can see them here.)

      I really love your Rock and Roll beach medal!

      • You know, I always threw away my bibs, and now I regret it, but no point in collecting them, because it’s too late!

        I only kept my Shamrock one because it has my name on it, and I thought that was cool.

        I love my RnR medal too! I wish all my medals were that cool!

  6. I don’t. They’re in a shoebox.

    What can I say, I don’t like to hang things. I’ve got issues 🙂

  7. I love the Va beach medal. I am jealous..I ran my first 1/2 (Philly RnR) and the medal is not nearly as cool as the sand dollar.

    I remember my first medal the arlington 9/11…I was so excited! 🙂 I am thinking of hanging mine up in my spare bedroom..but not sure how yet.

    I have kept all of my bib numbers. I have them tacked up on my corkboard in my spare room…starting to get really full so I might have to think of someplace else to keep them 🙂

    • My first medal was from the same 5k — I was so excited about it back then! One reason why I think every 5k should have a medal: a lot of people never run more than a 5k, but they should have a chance to display theirs proudly too!

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  12. I’m hoping Santa gets me one of these medal displays this year. I have four medals that need to be properly displayed.

    Funny how runners have such different perspectives. I’m finally able to run 1 mile without walking. I am slow. My 5K from yesterday was a PR at 41 minutes! I’m a back-of-the-pack runner and proud of it! My bling is the same as whomever finishes first.

    Anyway, of my non-running friends, I’m the only person I know who has completed a marathon.

    Congrats on all your races!

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  14. Chris

    Where do I purchase a medal holder like these? I like the Runner Girl for my lady. Thanks

  15. Riccardo

    yeah, I had a similar one but cannot recall all the good stories … I am now saving them on where I can do that, and attach pics and videos. Friends can comment too. I love it and it’s free. Find me there clicking on my name and you see my medals and trophies. Hoepfully I see you there, I like to read stories of others achieving their goals 🙂

  16. Nice! I’m looking for a medal display and alliedsteel seem to dominate the market. It’s good to see one actually being used to give you an idea of what they’ll be like! Which size did you get?

  17. tatakboakoarawaraw

    where can we buy one of those medal holders?

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