Last Long Run Before CHICAGO!

On Saturday morning I met up with a few of the people from the group who woke up early enough to meet us at the Roosevelt Island for our run around the National Mall.

The 10 miles were not easy, it felt harder than the 20 miles last weekend.  I guess I’m sleep deprived and still in that “am I getting sick?” stage that it’s all finally getting to me.

As hard as it was to be out of bed super early, views like these make it worth it…  (If only I could run with my fancy camera and really get a good non-blurry shot of the sunrise over DC…)

We had a new member of the group who tagged along with us for the first 30 minutes, but for the most part, it was me, Jen, Kristy, Ben and Amy.  It was the worst day to have my camera with me though — there was some sort of rally going on in DC, and though the crowds were not out yet, the whole place was fenced off, there was a stage setup in the middle of the Lincoln Memorial, and only once we got to the Washington Monument, was it finally nice enough and not fenced off that I could stop for a picture.

Luckily, the rally was also not going on around the Capitol, so I got a few shots of it too!

It was the day for blurry pictures though…  This would have been a great shot of Jen and Kristy!

I was able to get a nice one of Amy & Ben (who are training for the Marine Corps Marathon, after they had to defer it last year due to injuries…)

But then got another blurry picture with Jen and Kristy (I see a trend — maybe they cause the pictures to be blurry?  Hmmmmm…)

But I did get a good one of myself — it’s been ages since I wore a sleeved shirt to run in!  I even won some awesome sleeve scrunchies from Lesley at Racing it Off,  but haven’t had a chance to try them out yet — the weather was in the 50’s, which after our 100+ degree weather summer, it meant we were freezing for the first mile!

Unfortunately, the cooler weather did not help me this time.  I was struggling, and if it wasn’t for the company, I would have definitely given up.  The views were nice (I am really loving running by the Mall sans tourists), but it was just one of those bad days.  I kept trying to distract myself with pictures though…

And even got a good one of me by the Washington Monument.

We looked like freaking tourists out in our run.  The New Yorker in me died a little inside…  (I guess only New Yorkers would get that?  So you don’t think I’m confusing cities here, New Yorkers hate tourists in general, and even worse, hate looking like tourists.  I’ve been out of NYC too long!!)

We were finally on our way out of DC and back to Arlington…  I had to take pictures of the statues on the Memorial Bridge, since my brother walked around here with us at our last 12 miler, and him and his wife turned around after the bridge and totally missed them!  How can you not notice these statues??

We finished the run in about 1:53, which is still faster than my best 10 miler race-time, but I was disappointed — I felt like crap during the whole run, I was sweating quite a bit, even though the weather was in the mid-50’s, the coldest I have run in since earlier this year.

Then it got worse — I got home and couldn’t even make it to the shower (GROSS, I KNOW!!!) and collapsed in bed.  I was out for hours, then finally got up, showered and went out to eat with Karl, only to come back to bed later.  I was feeling sick all day. I even missed my friend’s birthday party, which sucked.

Yesterday I couldn’t sleep in, as I had to run over the Brazilian consulate to vote (it’s mandatory) and I couldn’t go back to sleep after I got home (believe me, I spent 3 hours trying…).  Though in the afternoon I made it out to the running group’s BBQ, I got home and again took a long nap.  I’m at work today but barely functioning…  I really better catch up on sleep before Chicago.  The problem?  Tons to get done at home, specially since Kristy is staying over to take care of the kitty, and our apartment is a mess now (sadly, I’m the messy one, not Karl…).

I need to get 2 runs in this week before the marathon, but the weather is not cooperating — rain every day until Wednesday.  Tonight, I’m off to Bikram!


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11 responses to “Last Long Run Before CHICAGO!

  1. Great pictures! I really need to get out and run more around D.C. monuments.

  2. Great pictures! Drink plenty of OJ to try and ward off the sickness so you can rock in Chicago!

  3. wow… i LOVE your pictures!! Even the blurry ones! 😀

  4. I hate runs like that where you just don’t feel well. Love the photos though. As you know, I grew up just south of DC, and I hated visiting when friends/family came to see us. When I took the kids to DC for the first time this past summer, I felt like such a tourist (except I didn’t get lost and know how to use the metro!). I bet you are counting down until Chicago!

  5. lifeisbeachykeen

    I love the pics! That is amazing to run in such a great place.

    New Yorkers aren’t the only ones that hate tourists.. So do Floridians 😉 I will admit that sometimes it is fun to play a tourist {not the drive so slow, or like a moron part of touristyness}, but take random pictures, in random places, with strange things.

    Good Luck @ Chicago

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