5 days

5 days from today, at this time, I will be midway through the Chicago Marathon.

It will be my first marathon.  I can finally be one of those smug people with a 26.2 sticker on the bumper of their car!

I will get a medal and resist the strong urge to wear it around my neck when I’m back at work on Tuesday.

I might not finish it in my 5 hour desired time.  Or I might.  I might not love it every minute of the way.  I might not catch Karl spectating from the sidelines (but I told him to buy balloons so he’s visible among the crowd!).  I might not be able to keep up with Kim and Tracy who offered to tag along.

But I WILL cross that finish line.  Even if it hurts.

Want to know how I did?  Feel free to look up my bib number:  10514.

And send good vibes, tons of good vibes my way.  So that I finish in 5 hours.  So that I have company along the way.  So that I love every minute of it.  So that I catch Karl cheering for me from the sidelines.  So that I don’t have to pee every 5 minutes.  So that I don’t forget to pack my sports bra, as I did on this trip.  So that I don’t have debilitating blisters that will slow me down.  So that I don’t get in trouble for using my camera during the run.  So that I have FUN.

There’s part of me that can’t freaking wait.  Another part of me wishes I had more time to prepare, more days to rest.

But at this time in 5 days?  OMG, I will be running the Chicago Marathon.

On that note, it’s super cold now in DC, and it’s meant to rain later on.  Either way, I’m running home today to try to get some runs in this week so that my legs are ready to take me across that finish line after 26.2 miles.


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10 responses to “5 days

  1. 5 days! Unreal! I’m so happy to have joined your blog when I did. You are getting ready to accomplish something incredible. Something that people only *dream* of. I will be sending tons of positive vibes your way on race day. I can’t wait to read all about it. You will ROCK it!

  2. wooo!!! you’re gonna do great! i can’t wait to meet you!

  3. I’ll be tracking you!!! GOOD LUCK! You can do it!! 🙂

  4. Ha. I am hoping not to get in trouble for having my camera either. LAME rule.

    I can’t wait for the race! You are going to do great and have a ton of fun. We need to decide where to meet up! 🙂

  5. so exciting!! 😀 you will do amazing! 🙂 and YAY for 26.2 stickers and magnets and necklaces and shirts, and hats, and bondibands… ok, one sticker would not make you a smug person… just sayin 😉 lol… have a great time and run your heart out! 😀

    • That’s it, I’m buying a sticker! Said that, I am oh, so afraid of jinxing myself, so I might wait to buy one at the Marine Corps Marathon expo (not running the marathon, only the 10k, but at least I’ll buy it AFTER I have officially run 26.2 miles).

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