Good news! That have nothing to do with running…

We have been waiting for these news for a long time…

Karl first took his written test for the Foreign Services with the State Department last year, in June.  He passed all steps and got invited for his orals later in the year.  He passed.

Then it was onto medical and security clearance.  Earlier this year we heard he was cleared for all and put on the registry.  He told them to be put in the “do not call” list until December this year.  (When you start you go into training, and of course they frown upon you taking 3.5 weeks off during training even if it is for your own wedding and honeymoon.)

He was high up on the list, but there’s still no guarantees.  We were both hoping he would get invited for the January 3rd class, and hoping we would hear something before we left for the wedding in November.

Two days ago, he got his official offer, which he accepted!  So as of January 3rd, we’ll be a State Department family.

The first question I get is “So you’ll be moving out of the country?” — well, yes.  We won’t know until February where we are going (please let it be a warm, safe and interesting country!) and when are we leaving.  It can be pretty much anywhere in the world (yes, even Brazil, which would be AWESOME), but it will likely a place that doesn’t speak English, since he is supposed to be learning a new language on his first 4 years with State (he doesn’t speak any other languages now).

I will probably be at least another year before we leave DC.

This is very happy news and we’re excited!  As much as I like DC, I am ready to see new places (I am a military brat after all, and though I didn’t move to many places, I grew up not staying too long in one place and I’ve been in DC for 6.5 years already!), I’m also excited at the prospect of learning a new language, specially if our finances allow and I can learn it with Karl.  It’s like a life of adventures!

I know it won’t all be easy, and at times it will be very hard.  As much as I loved every single place I have ever lived in, I also remember how hard it was each time we had to leave a place; and with the State Department, regardless of how much you love your new home, you always know your stay there is temporary.

But what better way to see the world?


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13 responses to “Good news! That have nothing to do with running…

  1. Congratulations to him!!! What a huge achievement, I bet he is just out of his skin with excitement.

    So, do yall have any say in where you go? Like in the army, you rank a list and may or may not get your top choice. I just didn’t know if it was similar or not.

    And, what kind of work will he be doing (if you are allowed to tell us)?

    I am so nosy 🙂 This is fun!! Congrats!!

    • Pretty much like you said. You get a list of what is available, you rank the list high, medium and low and hope for the best… At the end, you will end up where they tell you.

      He signed up to me a management officer, since he had similar experience when he was in the Army. Now what that entails on a day to day basis I have no clue (don’t even ask me to explain what he does now either…). Said that, the first two years you do consular work, regardless of where you end up or what is your chosen career track.

  2. That is so exciting!! Congrats to both of you! I’ve always wanted to do something similar myself. Who knows, maybe someday I will.

  3. This is so exciting! The person I know who does this LOVES it! You will too!

  4. Jen

    Carla, I love reading your blog! I love the pictures, your experience with training, and the wedding plans. Congratulations on this new assignment. I was curious what you do career-wise. Can you easily find work wherever you move? And are you looking forward to the challenge of starting a new running group or finding another way to keep up your running?
    Best of luck in the marathon! I’m so excited for you!

    • Regarding work where I move, I don’t know. It will depend where we go. If I’m in Brazil or Europe, I can work (since I have citizenship in both places), but the likelihood of that, specially early in Karl’s career is little. At this point, it doesn’t bug me though, as long as we can afford it. I absolutely hate my current job, so not working for a couple of years sound like heaven to me. Said that, I’d drive myself crazy if I was doing NOTHING, so after the novelty wears off, I’ll probably find a hobby or a volunteer thing.

      And yes! I hope I keep up with the running and find people to run with me! Let’s hope we don’t end up in a civil war stricken country where is not safe to go outside, because I cannot do treadmill…

  5. Congratulations on the wonderful news!!

  6. Congrats!! That’s great. I know several people in that arena who love it!

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