I forgot my, uh, what?

I have been wanting to try compression pants for a while…  If the socks work that well, the pants must do wonders, no?  But spending $100 on pants?  Really hard to swallow.

Then finally last week I got a “20% off everything” email from Running Warehouse and decided to check if by any chance they had these on their stock:

A bit presumptuous looking?  Of course!  Sporting something like this I almost look like a serious runner.  But if it does half of what it says, it’s worth the false advertising when others see me with it.

And even though it hurt paying $76 for freaking running pants, considering 2 weeks ago I almost splurged on it full-price, I can’t complain.

Last night I got home with only 30 minutes to spare before the run, but the package was waiting for me!  I couldn’t wait, and was excited to put them on because it was chilly enough that I could actually try them out on a run!  So I took them off the package and they were, uh, tiny.  I don’t know if my arms would fit in there, much less my legs.  But I double checked the sizing for the M pants I had ordered, and I was in the lower range of it, so it had to fit, thunder thighs be damned.

About 10 minutes later (yep took me that long, they are HARD to put on), I had the pants on, and was looking at myself in the mirror — look, no leg jiggle!  After a bit of perusing around the house with them, I realized I was running late for my run, and I grabbed this long sleeve shirt (also new, from RRS):

Put a fleece vest over that (this is my winter running uniform), put my shoes on and went out the door.

As I was leaving the garage where I meet the running group at, I realized my bra strap was slipping off my shoulder, so I reached to fix it and I stopped dead on my tracks.  OMG, I forgot to put my sports bra on.  Here I was, sporting a regular bra to run 4 miles.  Classy.

I gotta say, that my little Victoria Secret number wasn’t nearly as painful as I imagined it would be, but thankfully I had the vest over it, so my secret was safe, because I’m sure I had quatro-boob going on (I think in Spanish it’s spelled cuatro?  Whatever, welcome to your first Portuguese lesson!).  I ran 4 miles in 41 minutes, the last mile I kept it below 10, which is pushing a bit for me, but I really wanted to push a bit, I figured if I have a hard run while pushing my pace, it’s one thing, but if I had a hard run running at my marathon goal-pace, then it would really screw up my confidence.

Plus, it was my last run of the week, since I’m way too exhausted today, and rest would be much more beneficial than a run for me at this point.  I wish I had time to swing by Bikram Yoga class tonight though, but I need to finish packing and cleaning up my place, since Kristy is going to be staying there with Lucas.

On that note, can you believe that at this time tomorrow I’ll be at the Chicago Marathon Expo??  OMG!

In 3 days, at this time, I hopefully will be finished, or almost finishing the marathon.  Wish me luck!

Now have you ever made it out to a run only to realize you forgot an important component of your outfit?


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15 responses to “I forgot my, uh, what?

  1. Diana

    Ugh we so need to be friends. I’ve never forgotten my sports bra but I HAVE forgotten my regular bra on not one, but two separate morning workout occasions. Nothing my problem solving skills and a quick trip to target couldn’t solve!

  2. Eeep good luck! So exciting! I’ll be thinking of you on Sunday!

  3. Ha! I have heard those pants are difficult to get in to. Now I know! I do love the way my Under Armour cold gear (which has a bit of compression) makes me look… less jiggly!

    I have left the house without the garmin once. D’oh.

    I cannot believe it was cold enough there to run wearing all of that! Crazy!

    Can’t wait to see you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I could see the marathon booths being set up from my office window today. TOO exciting!

    (yes, that many exclamation points were necessary)

    • Yay!!! Tomorrow I’ll be in Chicago! I saw the tents on your posts — made me even more nervous, ick.

      I was actually freezing and never warmed up during my run… So yep, it was COLD. I guess specially after this summer…

  4. Good luck this weekend! The only thing I have forgotten on a run was my Ipod..

  5. Carla! I found you from…hmmm…redhead running maybe? I’m a blog hopping fool tonight.

    Anyway, I’m running Chicago too, also my first marathon. So I just wanted to wish you luck!

    (and I’d forget my head if it wasn’t attached. Seriously.)

  6. Confession: I STILL have not found a sports bra that fits and doesn’t give me the uni-boob look.

    I have been running in a regular bra since January.


  7. I missed this post somehow… that’s hilarious!!! I cannot even fathom running without the sports bra, but I can totally see this happening. I’m fairly certain there’s a large percentage of women in every race I run that might as well have forgotten their sports bra… tie those things down, seriously…

    Which tights are those? They look speedy!!!

    Congrats again on Chicago… you totally did it!

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