So what does a person do after promising themselves at mile 21 that they will never ever ever run a marathon, ever again?

Go home and 2 days later post on Craigslist that they’re looking for a full marathon bib, of course.

Yeah, no kidding.

I’m currently signed up for the MCM 10k.  It’s on the same day as the Marine Corps Marathon, it’s the same finish line (except, obviously, you finish sooner).  You also get a medal put around your neck by a Marine.  I even have a few friends running that with me!  I’ve run it twice before and was hoping to PR, as it’s my only 10k this year.

So then, why would a sane person post on Craigslist that they want to switch their 10k bib for a full marathon one, when transfer period is already closed and they can’t even run under their own name?  Well, probably because they’re not that sane after all.

I had thought about signing up for both the Chicago Marathon and the Marine Corps Marathon, back in March, and even wrote about it here.  They’re only 3 weeks apart, which is perfect for taper.  At the end, I figured that having the MCM hanging over my head the whole time I’m running Chicago was probably not a good idea (“in 3 weeks I have to do this whole damn thing again!”), even if it would mean I would regret my decision later.  And of course, I regretted my decision.

Don’t get me wrong:  I am really really glad I didn’t have the MCM hanging over my head as I was struggling on those last few miles of the Chicago Marathon.  It would have likely made give up sooner and walk more, or crossing that finish line much less sweeter.  But, now that the pain and boredom is mostly forgotten, I really wish I had the MCM medal to take home with me.  It’s a bad ass medal after all.

I found a willing party, let’s hope he doesn’t flake on me, because since these things are not guaranteed (it’s not under my name, after all…), he could change his mind until the day of the expo, before we exchange packets.

Let’s hope he doesn’t.  And let’s hope that in 2.5 weeks I’m crossing yet another marathon finish line.  I have no time goals for it, except maybe this time I can do it in under 5 hours, since hopefully the weather will be cooler.  But, I’ve run around DC — it’s not flat.  There are a few bridge crossings.  There’s quite a few hills early on.  We run around Hains Point, which is nothing but boring.  And there’s the dreaded 14 street bridge, that I’ll already be struggling through for 2 miles during the Army Ten Miler the week before.  And let’s not forget that the scenic course is the exactly same crap I see every single week on my commute and my runs.

But, on October 31st, I hope to be running my second marathon, right here in DC.  I really wish I can find someone to either run with me, or pace me for a few miles at a time, because it turns out, when I’m running a marathon, boredom is what affects me the most.


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22 responses to “Insane?

  1. Because I am also crazy, I do wish that I could be there to run with you. Sadly I already promised a friend I’d go up to New Hampshire for the weekend. How cool!

  2. Did you find a bib? I have a friend who is signed up for the full and is thinking about switching to the 10k – she might trade you. Email me if you are interested.

  3. YAYAYAYAYAY! That’s my excitement. Sorry. But I’m super excited you are running it too. I’ll be rooting for you as I run. I’ll just randomly yell – GO STEVE! LOL!

    • Let’s hope Steve doesn’t flake out on me! I’ll be picking up my 10k packet on Friday night and switching with him then.

      I cannot believe I’m running 2 marathons in a month. My first and second marathon too. ACK. But awesome 🙂

  4. Yes, you are definitely insane. And I’m worried about a half that’s 3 weeks after my marathon. Maybe familiar territory will help. Good luck!

    • Oh, I have a 10 miler next week (2 weeks after my marathon), and not once was I concerned about that. As long as you’re not injured, you’ll be fine. I was a bit stiff on Sunday, started getting sore on Monday, was super sore on Tuesday, and back to normal on Wednesday. (Still haven’t run, just because I got sick, but my body is fine.)

      • I wasn’t worried so much about whether or not I could complete it… more worried about my motivation since I was kind of looking forward to some relaxation around the holidays! The marathon is Dec. 5. The half marathon is 1/1/11. 😉

        But for the record, I still think you’re crazy, but if I still lived in that area, I’d craigslist myself a bib and come do it with you.

  5. im excited for you! i immediately went home and googled around for another marathon. none that work for me right now…
    i think it’s great you’re doing another! take good care of your body so you don’t overdo it though.

  6. I’m going to be at MCM to cheer on a friend doing the race. I really hope I get a chance to see you and meet you.

    I’m not sure what my plans are, but I might even be able to jump out and pace you a bit.

  7. I hope it works out for you and I hope you find someone to run with!

    • I know!! Hope the guy doesn’t flake!

      I’m even trying to convince Jane now to run it — she definitely deserves a make-up marathon after all that training. I *think* I’m getting through to her!

      (But she’s way faster than me, so I probably still need company for the run!)

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  9. Yep, insane. It took me nearly three years to run my 2nd marathon!

    Well, I’m excited you’ll be running MCM! Wish you were trying for a 4:30 so I could run with you 🙂

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